Fitness RPG   Bug

Minor bug: battle monster in wrong place (1)
Arena win award loss penalty is BS (15)
Map stuck in fit castle (1)
Magic defense does not appear to be working properly? (9)
Impossible to complete "Do it all IV" (7)
Didn't receive 6 star equipment bought from the shop (1)
Game is no longer on play store and I cant buy things in item shop (13)
Can’t watch ADs (13)
打开游戏load到92%就没办法再打开了,自行闪退 (1)
Cant delete Mail I alredy claimed (1)
Only 2 challenges of the day (6)
Arena is ‘new’ every day (2)
Daily Map Challenge - not sure if this is a bug (5)
Strange Arena League (8)
Hall of Fame rankings bug (2)
Red dot on Change Pet won’t go away (3)
Fitbit syncing to app no longer working (7)
Having trouble getting into my account (3)
New Update is crashing the game (12)
Cant load after major update (4)
Losing progress when restarting the game (2)
Missing Glyph 15char (2)
Font Issue on Main Guild Screen (3)
Guild Member Display Bug (2)
Did not receive purchase (5)
Almost nothing I did yesterday saved (7)
My hero was lost (3)
Shop isn't loading items or prices (3)
Humped by the Enemy - The Love Bug (7)
Display bug after update (2)