Fitness RPG   Bug

Missing money and items (8)
Changing Passive Skill: Is it suppose to change everyone? (3)
After 10,000 steps, not sure if awarded fit points properly (2)
Game Crashed on Home Screen (2)
Broken! Won’t let me play (15)
Superpass: The extra steps buff (200%) tells me I am not a subscriber when it is not activated (4)
Steps not syncing from Google fit (7)
Crash following 6* arena chest (4)
Missing equipment (2)
Lost thousands to glyph mine glitch (2)
Energy multiplier still at 0% despite having upgraded it 42 times (8)
Guild leader takeover? (1)
Invalid Purchase? (3)
Magnet not working (1)
Sometimes progress is not saved (5)
Is the Server Down? (7)
Problem with step conversion rate powerups (8)
Unused space at top and bottom of screen (4)
Missing will stones and fit pts due to game crash (5)
Levels Resetting - Bug? (5)
Missing gems and honor points (4)
Powerup Display Bug (6)
Missing Purchase (20)
Music vs. Advertising (1)
Nevermind I figured it out (1)
Codes don’t work (5)
Notifications not working (3)
No skill on 1st turn (1)
Screen Display Bug (1)
Duplicate glitch still? (3)