Fitness RPG   Bug

Display bug after update (2)
Missing crystals (5)
Paladin Sacrifice skill not working (3)
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Steps not being tracked (3)
Looting Not Reset on Adventure Map (3)
Bug showing arena outfit (6)
Bug with passive skill extra 20% (5)
DBF sale not loading (3)
Check-In Deadline Bug (3)
False, Deceptive, and Defective Advertising (1)
Number of ads when collecting with Magnet (7)
Powerup Upgrade Bug (1)
Fit Tower conversions & the pop up info timing (3)
Not able to watch video on some quests (5)
Events stopping before team dies - since new update (15)
Arena Outfit gone (2)
Fake Power up upgrade notification (3)
Typo? ‘Scout’ vs Scount, etc (4)
Dark rush ending early (6)
Invisible Guild Member? (8)
All Guild Coins Lost (4)
Paladin sacrifice not taking damage (4)
Not taking damage, is this a cheat? Can somebody make it more fair? (2)
QoL Improvement - make next quest step available automatically (4)
S class arena bug (3)
Hall of Fame Sorting Bug (1)
Lost honor points after phone froze (5)
Pet fragments not resetting after Rebirth (8)
Steps does not sync with the app (3)