App crashes when physical activity tracking is allowed dgdb46

So, on my main character (Pinkfye - server Truth Lake - android phone - dgdb46) I can no longer track physical activity. The game immediately crashes when I allow it.

Interestingly, I am able to run the app with physical activity being disallowed on the phone, then everything works normally. Also, when I tried creating a new hero on a different server, there even the physical activity tracling worked just fine.

This issue started on Thursday after the app updated. Another reason might be that the phone was being repaired and when it was there, I continued my.progress on a different phone using the cloud save.

I believe a possible solution would be to reset jow the steps are counted on this character, but there is no such option reappearing now. I am not sure what to do, would like to continue playing. Please help.

Fixed after the new update

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