New league issue

I was upgraded to S league and it makes zero sense. I have my heros upgraded to the best of my abilities and a VERY low pet score and I got bumped up while somebody with 997k power has been in league A for longer than I have been. I am confused and VERY frustrated with this. I am losing almost every single battle in league S and will be for a very long time. I also posted this on the discord. Hoping to get an answer to this asap. My ID is PWKPMB Thanks @marspark

I am in the same situation.
Even though I was kept less than 1M, it became S league.
I want to return to A league!
Please @marspark

So what marspark told me is it is because the system adds up the highest four heros with the all time highest score they have had. So what happened to me was I had good equipment on one mage and I switched it to another but the system keeps the highest score they have had anyways. So basically both of my mages were counted as being around 280k each when it wasnt even possible for me to have both of them at 280k. Let me know if this doesnt make sense, its confusing lol

Thanks @Emily_Swift
OMG, all time highest…
It does not make sense even if I devise a combination of equipment and keep the score.
Then we need above S(over 1.2M).

I’m confused, what do you mean?

It doesn’t mean much.
You seem to be back in League A, but in essence I think S should be subdivided.