My account suddenly got glitchy

I have a huge, huuuge problem with my account.

At first I thought it got reset.

My lv was reduced to level one.
I was asked to put my name again.

And I got through the tutorial again, and now the game is completly stuck, because my mage is maxed out and I can’t level her, nor press anything else.

I have screenshots but since I’m new to the forum I’m not allowed to include them.

Before that happened, I noticed that all my pets disappeared (but not from their pictures for my avatar) and my fit energy went back to zero.
But I kept my heroes, their current level and equipment, my silvers, arena and guild coin .
The requests also had reseted, that’s how I was able to reach lv 30 instantly and see that the pets were missing.

On normal mode, I was able to play stages I’ve cleared before, though they appeared cloudy (like they do before getting along. Nightmare mode had disappeared.

But when trying to fight in the arena, dark rush and other occasions, it was sending out a lv1 Rose and crushed the game.
Then it started getting me through the tutorial, and I got completely stuck. I don’t know what exactly trigered the tutorial, but probably the fact that I played some adventure levels.

Worse than that, I don’t have a screenshot of my ID number,
I really didn’t think to take one, and now I can’t access my character page.
The only info I’m able to give at this stage is that my character name is Olaf (used to be Curie before my game got glitched), I’m on level 30 (used to be around 90 I think before the reset), in Winding Fall server.

Please help me resolve this, I really love the game, I used to super check in daily for my guild and buy lottery tickets, and I pay for a megapass supscription before it’s great and tottaly worth it. I’d hate to start over, please.

Hi @curie, thank you for reaching out. Can you please let me know your game id to start the investigation? You can email to for faster response.