Day-7 Starter Gifts not Received


I pressed to accept the gifts from day 7 of the starter gifts (I believe they were equipment pieces for the Knight), but they have not appeared in my inventory.

Is there any way of being able to receive them?

Thanks in advance! :blush:

Hi! I had the same problem! I hope to be able to still receive them!

Hi @StevieG @Miremar Thank you for reaching out. Day-7 rewards are outfits for Warrior, can you please navigate to Hero → Pick a warrior → Outfit and see if you receive them?

Hi! I’ve just realised I think I’ve gotten this completely wrong. Are the pieces outfits of the ‘Guard’ set? If so, please accept my sincerest apologies as I’ve received them. I mistakenly thought they were pieces of equipment rather than outfits! :blush:

Yep, found them! Just a bit disappointed that it’s not equipment pieces though :grin:
But still: love the concept of upgrading heroes and doing battles and stuff with the energy of my steps :+1:
I updated my review :+1:

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