Accidentally overwrite cloud save

May I please have my old game restored? My id is k2j6mp. I installed the game on a new phone. Old phone is completely busted. I accidentally chose local save instead of cloud. @marspark

Hi @Patti_D, thank you for reaching out. I’ve just checked your server data and it looks like it has been overwritten yet. Can you please log in again and see if you get your progress back?

My old progress is still not there. It was from 2018, if that helps.

Hi @Patti_D, can you please try to select your old server (5- pump garden) and then select ‘cloud save’ when the popup appears?

Hello again @marspark. I chose the pump garden server, but I was not given an option to choose a cloud save.

Hi @Patti_D, can you please navigate to settings → connect to Facebook and enter your usual credentials? If it doesn’t work, click the settings → game center ‘connect’ button. Please let me know if it works.

Hi @marspark. I was already connected via Facebook, so I disconnected and reconnected. I was not asked for credentials, but the connection was successful. I guess the credentials have been cached. My game is the same. No old stuff restored.

Hi @Patti_D, It seems I’ll need to do a manual transfer. Can you please let me know your old device model and any purchase you have made? This is to verify your ownership of the account we found.


Hi @marspark. My old phone was a Motorola Moto G7 Power. I don’t think I made any purchases.

Hi Patti, those accounts were using iPhones and I couldn’t find any account that uses Motorola Moto G7 Power with your nickname Patti. Did you happen to use another nickname?

@marspark I don’t buy iPhones, so those are not mine. I don’t remember any other nicknames I would have used. I guess at this point, I should assume I’ve lost my old save. Thank you so much for trying to find it, regardless.