Having issue tracking steps? (iOS)

Please choose your tracking device:


Apple Watch


Hi, @LBrew, thank you for reaching out. Can I please grab your game id for investigation? Also which tracking option are u connecting now?

Hi, I’m now using an Apple Watch instead of a Fitbit. I can’t change my device. When I click on fit tower the only thing that shows up is “health settings”. There is no option to select a device. Please help

Hi, thank you for reaching out. Which device are you using? Can you please send a screenshot to mars.zhu@shikudo.com? Thanks!

Hello, when a new device is used to track steps, I know I have to wait until midnight for it to sync. Will it sync steps from previous days (like today)?

Hi, thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, it won’t, it will start counting from the moment it is switched.