Troubleshooting - Track steps using Fitbit


1. Log steps in Fitbit first then return to our games.
2. Try switching internet connection if it doesn’t work.


[1/3] Please make sure the steps are logged into Fitbit dashboard or Fitbit app

[2/3] Now try to wait a little bit and open Fitness Fantasy, it may take a few tries

[3/3] If it still doesn’t work, please try again with a different internet connection

A good internet connection is essential for uploading your Fitbit steps to the Fitbit server and allow our games to sync them to the game.

If you haven’t connected Fitbit, please check this page:

How to track steps with Fitbit?
Having issue tracking steps?

Is there a Fitbit bug as my charge HR is not syncing for the past 2days using a iPhone 7


Hi @Jess_Jones, does any other Fitbit compatible apps works with sync?


Having difficulty with the game tracking my steps using my fitbit flex. I am stuck in the beginning where it ask for you to walk 10 steps and i did then when i tried to click back it is still on the walk 10 steps screen I cant close the app because then it starts me all over where i must choose again and then the problem repeats. I am sorry if I wrote this in the wrong spot I am not really forum savy.


@badaxe thank you for reaching out. Have you tried to sync with the fitbit app first under a good internet connection?


I uninstalled and then reinstalled and the issue was resolved thank you for your rapid response


I never had any trouvle with my fitbit charge 3 maybe it because I set it on always sync.

Master code: d5wgy (power tablet server)