[WIP] Won't track steps from phone


Motion and Fitness was turned off. Thanks!


hi there, I’m still having issues with step tracking. In the day at work i do at least 10k steps but none of them are tracked. When i get home in the evenings, steps are tracked occasionally. I do check the app a couple of times during the day but nothing is tracked. Game version 2.2.6 running on Android 6 device huawei p9 eva-L019. Tried the fixes mentioned here but nothing has worked.


Make sure pocket plants is closed. Walk. Finish your walk in the phone app. Close the phone app. Open pocket pants. Your steps should be there. Watch the video to increase your steps.
Complicated, yes. I lost a lot of steps before I figured this out.


I have the Samsung J5 2017 android version 7.0 is it compatible?


My phone isn’t tracking steps either. Oppo 9, android version 7.1.1. App is not linking to ready body data in app permissions.