[WIP] Won't track steps from phone

I have had the game for a couple of days now, and I have noticed that my steps are not tracking. I have tried walking with the app open, the app open and my phone turned off, and the app closed (not force closed) with my phone turned off. None of them have tracked my steps. Please help, am I doing something wrong?


Could you tell us your phone model and system version so we can better spot the bug.

Also, could you give us a screenshot of phone connect page in Pocket Plants like the below page.


Hi, I have this problem too
Phone model: Asus zenfone 3
System: Android version 6.0.1
My phone’s personal steps counter has about 5000 steps on average, but to date, the game only tracked 5 steps for me. Can you help please? Thank you

I have the same problem. My phone is Nexus 6P, with Android 6.0.1 OS. Hope to fix soon! THX!

Same with me. It track very less steps.

I have the Nexus 6P also and I’m utilizing Samsung Fitness so my step counter. It has tracked 22 steps to date for me and I have over 4600 today alone.

I have 11000 steps on my phone pedometer, but the pocket plant steps say 0.
Samsung galaxy s7 edge
Android v 6.0.1

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Thank you all for the feedback. We will investigate on our end and get back soon.

I have the same problem…
Phone name Galaxy A5 2016
System version Android 6.0.1


Same issue no step tracking

Which phone and Android version are you using?

Same issue. iPhone 6 with latest updates. I can see steps in the health app but it does not seem to be integrated with the game and so my game steps are at zero. I’ve tried with the app open and not. Please advise. Thanks!

I have tha same problem…I have a huawei p9…did anyone find a solution…?

I’m having the same problem as well. I’m using Samsung galaxy note 5, Android 6.0.1.

Hi Shannon_Marberry,

Could you confirm if the game is connected to your phone for tracking option (screenshot A)? And Motion Activity is authorized for Pocket Plants (screenshot B)? Please refer to the image for details.

Please let me know if you have already got the correct configuration and is still having tracking issues.

+1 Xiaomi mi5s, Android 6.0.1. Sometime it adds a few steps, mainly while the phone lays still.

I am having the same problem too. Attached should be the information showing that my phone doesnt even show the option for the game to connect to my phone’s movements. I have a galaxy s6. Even though the game says i am connected, my phones doesn’t show it as an option through my phone settings.

I am having the same step problems. The setting on the game says i am syncd to the phone’s travker but my phone setting do not show the game as an option, so it does not have permission to synch my steps to the game.

Well, i have attached as much as i can. I will glafely email more images of settings if it will help.


I too am having the same issues as everyone else. I’m currently using an iPhone 6 Plus with the latest iOS update. So far, the game has only tracked about 6.9k steps to date… only a very small fraction of that were from steps that I’ve taken today. My steps were mainly tracked through my Apple Watch… if that matters. My game ID is: Y3b9Rp+xi.

Please advise.