[WIP] Progress loss and restoring


Hi LaLexxia,

Sorry for the delay! I’ve refreshed the account for you. Would you like to see if it’s OK now? Thanks!


Hi I really loved this game.
I really love the design and system it has.
I happily made an update and got full data loss
I was actually given up sinced I knew nothing about my game id and my nickname was just the one that was given when started.
Following from some replies, I found that my new game ID is the same as the old one.
My new ID is v3BBZuN2B
Can I get my game data restored?

  • Right after the update, the game started with tutorial. I felt something strange thus terminated the game during the tutorial. After that, I was unable to start the game again. When the loading is done, the app just kept terminated by itself. Finally I deleted and downloaded the app again and now it’s working. i just want to let you know about the bug that I had.
    Thank you for the great game that I enjouyed really much!


Hey there. I updated the game and lost my account entirely - it’s started as if I’m a brand new player.

I’m not sure what my game ID was before, but the user name was irravel or Irravel.

My new account is game ID vCXCLeRGp, user name orrorin.

Hopefully you can restore my account – I’ve put a lot of time into it!

Thanks for your assistance.


Hi Irravel,

We were hoping to get some useful information from your new ID, however, the data is half saved. Could you tap the ‘Save game’ button on the game settings page? Please refer attached sample for details.

Thank you for your patience and time!


Hi Sandberry098,

Thank you for the information, this is very useful helping us catching the bug.

We have found your previous progress and have transferred it to the new ID. Would you like to check if you can access the progress now?

Thank you!


Hi Kalidarl, did you get my private message about the amethyst tree? Thanks!


I did get your message and that sounds fine. Thank you for working to fix it. I’m sure this has been a nightmare for you!

I also just noticed that I came back at level 5. I was in the 50’s before. All of my plants are unlocked but the extra order slots say I have to unlock over 60 more plants to unlock them. Will this be fixed with the new update as well?

Thank you!


Hi marspark,

Did a save as shown. Hope that helps!




My steps stopped being recorded, so I uninstalled and reinstalled, and all my progress was lost. Please help.


Hi Irravel,

We found you in the database and I’ve made the transfer. Would you like to see if the progress is back now?

Btw, your previous username is also Orrorin. :slight_smile:



Hi marspark,

It’s back!! Thank you:)

I coulda sworn that I used the other nickname for my old game… But I couldn’t check it! I’m really glad you were able to find it!


My data is totally restored!
Thank you for the quick action!
I’m enjoying it again Thank you :slight_smile:


Nearly every time my phone goes to sleep, the app loses all progress from the last save point. I tried to save it myself and it seemed to work (the date stamp changed), but the next time it reset it had undone that as well. User ID is M3ie4dfEB.


I keep losing progress today. I’ve lost several merge combos and my orders keep restarting to ones I have just filled. When I go to the last save point it’s updated to my current game time so I can’t restore to anything that was lost. ID Mn!gAi*$p



Hi @Julskink and @Akgirl574,

Sorry to know you are having the data rollback issue with the game. We are still investigating the bug and hopefully will find a permanent fix ASAP. We found that manually refreshing accounts on our side help to temporarily stop the rollback issue. I have refreshed your accounts and please let me know if the rollback issue didn’t go away or comes back.

Thank you for your patience with us!


Please don’t forget about me!


Hi e4V,

I’m sorry that I overlooked your post. Did you get a new ID after reinstallation? Or the ID remained the same?



We will investigate this issue and will get back to you on that. Thank you!


I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall a couple times in the last week because the game would stop loading at 91% and each time it reloaded from the cloud with same name and ID.


Hi e4V,

I’ve refreshed your account. Would you like to check if the progress is back now?

Thank you!