[WIP] Progress loss and restoring


I believe my id was and still is hianfar. I was fairly far along in the game (and had purchased a gem tree) and this morning it opened as if i was a brand new player. Now what?


User ID: MCvf-9RKB

I lost about a week’so worth of progress. Thanks.


I lost all of my progress once I installed the update just today. I am unsure if my username or ID changed but my username is currently Braelyn and my ID is MCaF8*wtp


It just crashes without opening again.


Hi Kalidarl,

Really sorry this is happening again. We are urgently investigating the crash issue. I will get back to you ASAP on that. Thank you!


Hi Lalexxia,

Which world were you at before the incident?


I was more than halfway through world 4.


Hi Hianfar,

We tried to search with the username ‘hianar’ and haven’t got any results. Do you think you could have used another username? Please don’t worry if you can’t remember, we can dig up some useful information using your current game ID. The game ID can be found on the game settings page. You will need to go through the new player tutorial before settings icon becomes available.

We are really sorry for the troubles caused. Thank you for your patience.


Hi yosuzu,

Thank you for your patience. The progress has been transferred to the new ID. Could you double check if everything is OK now? Thank you!


My data was transfarred. Thank you very much.


Hi! Thank you for restoring my progress but I had also unlocked the amethyst tree before the progress loss. Can you please unlock it again?


Hi there. I am set up through game center and when i open ghe game it says “welcome back Hianfar”. Name is missy honeywell. (Also i think you ar missing an “f” in my user name below. Its HIANFAR :slight_smile: please let me know. Thx




Hi BeeNerd,

We found your previous data is linked with this one. Please let me know if this is your current ID so that we can reset the account for you. Thank you!


Hi Hianfar,

My apologies for the mistake, I meant to type ‘hianfar’ in my last reply. We couldn’t find any profiles under this username. Could you send us your Pocket Plants game ID instead? The ID can be found on the Pocket Plants settings page. Please refer attached image. Thank you for your patience and time!


Oops. Yes this is what its says


Thanks Hianfar! I’ve refreshed the account on our side. Would you like to double check if you got the progress back? Thank you!


Fabulous! Yup! Looks good! Thankyou so much. And now i know exactly what to give you if it “crops up” again. (Lolol, sorry. Lame joke :slight_smile: Hopefully it wont though. Thankyou again for your help!


:smiley: Not a problem! And thank you for your patience and support! Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.


You asked earlier which world I had been on, I replied that I was more than halfway through world 4. Do need to provide any additional information, or is my data not able to be recovered? Not trying to rush you or anything, just wondering if there has been any progress on my issue.
As a reminder my ID is: MCaF8*wtp