V4.0 Release Notes

Hi guys,

I’m pleased to let you know that V4.0 is live. The team has struggled with this update for quite a while and fortunately, we are able to ship it eventually. We’ll start looking into the step-part of the game, please stay tuned for future updates :slight_smile:

If you are running into honor badge negative issue, please leave your game id in this post: V4.0 honor badge negative issue

Release Notes

New Feature:

  • New class: Archer
  • Stele:
    • Spend some crystals to pray for rewards, you can pray up to 4 times before the reward pool is reset
    • Each pray will also lead to a milestone reward, collect it when it’s available
    • Reward pool and pray cost will reset at 00:00 each day
  • New equipment system:
    • Added rare, epic equipment and their attributes are randomly generated
  • Spend gems to change hero’s advanced class

Balance changes and optimizations:


  • Receive more energy bonus from power-ups
  • Receive more energy from daily fit quests
  • Receive more coins from battle stages
  • Receive more coins from map reward
  • Spend fewer honor coins when purchasing arena equipment chests
  • Increase the energy cost of leveling up heroes
  • Increase the coin cost of leveling up equipment
  • Increase the energy cost of digging glyphs
  • Increase the coin cost of leveling up pets
  • Receive more energy/coin daily rewards in SuperPass and MegaPass


  • Increased hero’s maxing level
  • Optimized the calculation of hero power and all heroes’ power is increased
  • Increased some classes’ active skills
  • Adjust some classes’ passive skills


  • Increased equipment’s maxing level
  • Added equipment lock and cannot be sold unless unlocked
  • Adjust some classes’ set bonus
  • Remove power gem and the amount of power gem is added into blessing gems. You only need to spend blessing gems to evolve equipment.
  • Adjust the battle stage requirement for 6-star arena chests (appear later than the previous version)


  • Increased the max level of some star-ratings
  • Adjusted the level requirement of pet mutations
  • Increases the growth rate of physical attack and magical attack
  • Decreases the growth rate of HP, physical defense and magical defense
  • Added 6 uncommon, 7 rare, 4 epic and 2 legendary pets
  • Added a new mutation skill: ‘Leech’. Epic and legendary pet has a chance to receive this mutation.


  • Added a glyph lock and cannot be merged unless unlocked
  • Increased the attributes of stats glyph

Dark rush

  • Increased monster power
  • Adjusted rewards


  • Reverted the font
  • A lot of bugs

Please let us know if there are any issues.

Happy walking!


Less than 3 hours to go…

Mega pass is remaining the amount of Energie, but the cost of everything has been doubled.

Hi @Willowmaster, thank you for the update. I just checked with our game designer that the energy cost/reward and silver cost/reward have increased in this update. We are looking into the balance of Megapass/superpass’s daily rewards as we speak.

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I realized something like 6 days worth of one of my guild rewards (the one that includes stamina) are missing from my inbox after the update. The server is pump garden and my ID is w83kpe. Thanks!

My medal of honor became negative after the I downloaded the new patch :frowning:

@Ariel_Martin may I please grab your game id to investigate?

Hi @economist1505 are you saying the guild group check in reward? I’ve double checked that the group check in reward is sent to your inbox. Are you saying the rewards were there before the update and disappear after the update?

Here is my game ID 8xddwm

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Hey Marspark, congratulation on the patch notes. Super happy for you and the team. I only have 1 request regarding UI change,
before we can click on the little icons of the pets on “support skills” sections to see what the pet does,
now we can’t. Can you bring it back?

Congrats again keep up the good work guys.

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Hi @marspark, excited about the update, but tried to purchase gold chest with honor points and received nothing. But my honor points went very negative -1686! Can you help? User pq6w2. Thanks!

@Laura_Mills @Ariel_Martin we suspect that this is due to a data migration issue. Please give us some more time to determine if it’s a server-wide issue or just happen to individuals. Either way we’ll compensate for the negative number. Thank you for your patience!

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@Laura_Mills, can you please double check your id? It should have 6 letters :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking. The rewards were sent to my inbox before the update, but I left about six days’ worth of the guild check-in rewards that had stamina in them in my inbox (and collected the rest), and after the update these all disappeared.

Looks like I have you the wrong number. It should be 57y79g.

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My Medal od Honor balance is negative as well. User ID: b93k8p

So is there still a plan to deal with extra pet shards? I have maxed uncommons with 1.5k+ shards and maxed commons with 3k+ shards.

Boil them, mash them, stick them in a stew?