V3.1.8 Release Notes


@marspark: I’ve just finished attaching my ‘new’ account (id: b95ekw) to Facebook, but like @Annif, I wasn’t actually connected to Facebook with my old account. Does this mean the previous account wasn’t synced/I won’t be able to restore?


Hi I’m still stuck at 87%


@Read_Read, thank you for this! One thing I would like to clarify, does the number in the following image increase while you wait for a bit?


Ok, @Annif, I’ve transferred your Facebook account. Please login to the new account. If Facebook still allows you to ‘connect’, then connect with Facebook again and you’ll see a data conflict window.


Do you still remember your old account (game id, master code, user name) ? I’m asking for a 3rd-party account simply want to copy it over to our old account so you can pull the data.


@Trisen hit me up when you have a spot on DragonKin on power tablet. I got kicked out of my clan while troubleshooting this issue and lost 3k worth of guild coins.


Thank you so much!

Everything seems to be working! Just if we will stay in this test env. for a while, I would like my super pass speed for fights! I had forgotten how slow they move! Lol. And for collecting coins in one shot!

If it doesn’t work out, no problem! I am happy to be able to play the game with my little warriors!

Thanks again!


I’ve just sent you a developer super pass, please close and reopen the app!


The game has been running smooth ever since! No issues :heart: Love it


It’s working! Thanks again!


Hi that particular number is now missing but the other two don’t increase.



Since you are already a TESTFLIGHT beta user on IOS.

I would suggest the following instructions based on my experience and few other players with “success stories”.

  1. Delete app from phone
  2. install the latest app from TESTFLIGHT.
  3. Gamecenter : the “ Restore account from cloud pop-up “ will load automatically directly after loading screen.
  4. if you are using FB you may have to play the full tutorial before you can input your credentials to restore account. (I did not link my accounts to FB So it is an assumption)

For other players reading this without TESTFLIGHT —> you will have to wait until apple releases the official version.



Annif is Making a pretty valid point about the game speed.

if you want more new players retention & make super & mega pass more appealing . A strong point would be should making it to x4 to superpass and make normal user x2 for adventure, arena & dark rush.

Personally, I’m only looting adventure mode and automatically looting dark rush so Arena only would be great for X4 since it’s running on auto on itself


I deleted the app then installed from TestFlight. Got my account on power tablet server. Yay can finally play again :grinning:. I can’t access my other servers, they are blank. My power tablet Is is b9bvmw and I was playing as Read on all servers. Any way of getting that data back? I was not logged into Facebook but am now.


Thanks for these instructions. I had to do the tutorial then close and reopen before it prompted me to choose an account.


Have gone into blank servers then reopened the app. Was then prompted to choose account. So now I have all my progress. Yay :grinning: Thanks everyone for all your help.


Hmmm…not off the top of my head sorry. The username was a variation on my Forum name (i.e. NemosDemos) based on the 8 character limit. Could be NemDem, NemsDems or potentially NemoDemo.

(I was around lvl 70-ish account level, only one account/world, from AUS, Guild was WeAreHikers (but may be out due to inactivity, so that’s probably a bad data point sorry :smile:)).


Well done on getting some working!

No luck for me. I’m still stuck trying to restore from the cloud. (Crashing)

Oh and I can’t do the triple tap thing.


Did you download the latest build? It should fix the crashing issue.


Hi! I’m still crashing after the latest test flight release, but now at 95% so progress! Here’s my log thing.