V3.1.8 Release Notes


Sorry, I couldn’t get the console to come up.

I have the same trouble as Alex.
I reloaded and I can get into the game but get stuck when trying to restore from the cloud.


I deleted the app, after seeing it worked for Alex and installed test version again as oppose to updating it. I am in!!
Can’t find my file to restore. Don’t know if restore works


So I was able to choose the server and this came up (see pic)

It then restarted the app and crashed at 88%


Interesting update from my testing, after removing and re-installing the app. I’m confused, but it seems to be working:

  • When using the Test version (via TestFlight), the game successfully starts (from the beginning/tutorial. Not sure if there’s a way to restore my previous game?).

  • When using the Production version (via the App store), I loaded to 95%, and had a pop-up stating my game was out of date, and directing me to the App store. From the app store’s perspective, I already had the latest version, so it directed me back to the game (so I was stuck in a loop).

  • Re-installed the Prod version (i.e. via App Store), it got stuck at 88%, and nothing else happened (similar to previous 85% issues).

  • Re-installed the Prod version for a third time, and the game started without issue. After completing the tutorial (again :smiley: ), I’m now in-game, however, seemed to have lost all progress (unless there is a way to restore progress, that I’m missing?).


It states that it’s not the newest version because TestFlight has a later version than the prod one :slight_smile:


Hi guys, @Chris_Norman, @Maddmum, @NemosDemos, @Alex_ck, @Annif

I’ve just released another build. This one is targeted at “crash when pulling from server”, please give it a try and let me know if it fixes anything.

Also, for whom is stuck at 85~87%, please screenshot me some more log. The processes are the same, but the log hit area is moved to the center-left:

  1. Tap center-left corner 3 times, very fast. It should show a console
  2. After it gets stuck at 85%, screenshot the log
  3. If the top right has a number beside the red dot (warning), tap the dot, then screenshot the warning


I just tested the latest version and data restoration from cloud worked on both phones !


Oh my god! I can feel my tears! Please let me know if you are running into any 85% issues. You can continue to play this version, it’s identical to the production version except purchasing. I’ll start sending compensation for the missing days tomorrow. Thank you again for your patience and your help!


Thanks !

You may have a good restful sleep tonight :joy::ok_hand:t2:


Thanks~ please let me know if there’s anything weird happening :slight_smile:


I would assume this is the reason why super pass cannot be restored ?


Yes. But I’ve just sent you a developer monthly pass to both your accounts. Please re-enter the game to activate them.



I tested almost everything & it looks fine at first glance .

Only missing a few days of history between 26 and 30th and 31st appears after august 1st for my fitbit. Not a big deal just fyi



Is there a way to restore my account?

My original Id: Same issue here: Id: 3qqdj4

I can’t see my file to restore it. My ID in this new account is :


Hi, can you please connected Game Center/Facebook to your current account? Once you are done, please close the app and let me know so I can start the transfer!


Hey I’m back into my account finally! Woohoo only missing about 5 days of steps not bad :slight_smile: thanks so much for your help!


@Chris_Norman good to hear! Did you get your data back from the cloud or you just simply pass the 85% stuck? Don’t worry about the missing days, I’ll get you covered :slight_smile:


Awesome thanks! And I got my original account back when I synced my Facebook!


Connected to Facebook with the new account.

I wasn’t before though, or I don’t think so


:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:Along w/most iPhone users I’m stuck, but now playing on the TestFlight link and I wish I didn’t have to but it is better than the alternative—not playing.