V3.1.8 Release Notes

UPDATES: the 85% stuck has now been resolved!!

  1. We’ve submitted a build and will release it as soon as Apple approves it. If you want to play right now, please download the beta version: https://testflight.apple.com/join/FEY2P498
  2. The beta version is identical to the live version except that you cannot make purchases.
  3. The crash/stuck is related to a new date format after we upgraded our programming tools. If you are seeing anything weird related to timers, please let us know!

Please leave your game id in the following post if you were affected by the issue and I’ll send out compensations.

Updates July 29th

Finally, the TestFlight beta has been approved: TestFlight - Apple

For those who stuck at 85% or crashed when retrieving progress from the server, please give it a go! The build is not guaranteed to fix the issue as we can’t reproduce the bug on our end. However, we’ll be rolling out patches frequently on this link and the program will last until all issues are fixed.

Please let us know how it goes. If the issue is fixed, you can play normally in this TestFlight version except purchasing.

Updates July 28th

iOS 85% stuck

We couldn’t reproduce the bug at our end. However, we are going to rollback some changes we made to optimize the startup flow. We’ll submit the build within the next hour, but it’s going to take some time to get reviewed.

In the meantime, please leave your email and we’ll invite you to test the build on TestFlight. It can help us validate the fix and you can start playing before the build goes live (if everything goes well). Please note that the TestFlight version also needs to be reviewed, but it can be a little faster than the actual review by Apple.

Updates July 27th

Android crash

This is due to a new policy for Android 9.0 and we’ve already submitted a build to Google Play. Please update it after an hour or two after the review is completed.

iOS 85% stuck

We are still investigating this issue and it’s going to take a little longer since we can’t reproduce the issues here with 4 iPhone devices. We may try a few things first thing tomorrow morning and may invite some of the affected players to the TestFlight program.

Again really sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you very much for your patience. We are going to compensate affected players after we release the iOS build.

Hi guys,

I’m pleased to let you know that V3.1.8 is live. This is (hopefully) the last major update before V4.0 and please let us know if there are any issues.

Release Notes

Mega SuperPass subscription:

  • New step buff: convert 120% more energy with first 15,000 steps every day
  • Skip ads: collect ads rewards instantly
  • More daily resources
  • Automatic mining functionality


  • Guild group check-in rewards are now sent to players’ mailbox when group check-in count is reset
  • Stage challenge quests are completed if the stages were previously cleared
  • New shop layout: able to purchase class items without counting down

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed some power-up description
  • Fixed a red dot bug in History
  • Fixed a bug when there should be only 2 daily tasks for random stage challenge
  • Updated some faq copies

Happy walking!

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Please do an urgent fix, it won’t open! Hangs at 85% every time no matter what I do - iPhone XS, fully updated, rebooted, all memory cleared… still no joy :sob:

The game crash after the update.

Game keeps crashing at 85% please fix this

Argh!!! Mine is the same and now I won’t be able to get my arena battles in for the day which means I’ll miss it on number 1 again! Won’t open after 85%!!!

I have android Samsung s8 and the update seems fine might be an iOS problem

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Hi guys @Kristin @Rocky7 @tnv_30 @Ivyh @Dyruk do you still remember your game id? or username?

Yes I do… And I hope I will not have to restart.

@Rocky7 may I grab it? Please worry not, you won’t need to restart, we doubt it’s a non-data related issue.

I am having the same issue. Won’t load past 85%. I have an iPhone 8 running iOS 12.3.1

Can confirm it happens on my Samsung Galaxy A7 (Android 9) too:

Game loads fully, Shows the “homescreen”, i can Click for like 2 seconds till no Input is recognized anymore.

edit often it freezes right After the “watch for crystal” Button appears.

After about 10 More seconds, android notifies me about the app being frozen:

“Wait”, “close app”, “feedback”.

I appreciate a timely fix for the issue, reinstall of the app and Smartphone reboot didn’t Help.

Kind regards

So just to verify, there is no longer a way to manually collect the check in rewards, you just have to wait until the next day to collect from Mail?

Hi @marspark,

I was also having the issue where the game would hang at 85% after updating. iPhone 8 iOS 12.0.

I deleted & reinstalled the game, however now the app gets stuck and crashes on the Server/Progress Selection screen after I select my progress. I have tried re-installing a couple of times.

Below is my in-game ID:

No, sorry, but I usually use my name as it’s unusual!

Surname is warry if that helps, only joined a few weeks ago

Game still crash right after loading. I use Android. What’s happening?

@Rocky7 we’ve submitted a build, it should be available to update in an hour or 2. Please let us know if it fixes the issue.

@Walter we’ve submitted a build, it should be available to update in an hour or 2. Please let us know if it fixes the issue.

Yes, so you won’t miss any chests while you sleep :slight_smile:

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@marspark Update fixes the issue on android tyvm