V3.1.8 Release Notes


Good news @Sarah_Hennessey! I think we are very close to identify the cause of the issue. We are putting together a build and hopefully submit tomorrow


Yes but still crashing :confused:


@Maddmum with the newest update?


I was able to restore from the cloud and then it crashed at 89% loading time loading the game.

When you say downloading the latest build, do you mean deleting and reloading the app? That’s what I did.


Hi @Maddmum, can you please download the latest build on TestFlight, and shoot some log for me right before it crashes at 89% (instructions are in the previous posts? This will help us heaps. Thank you!


My account doesn’t show up from the list to load when I start a new game and it’s disappeared from the cloud. The user name was gorzan on the twin peak server.


Hi @gorzan, your account is binded with Game Center, so please switch to Twin Peak server with your game center connected. (it doesn’t matter if it’s now showing up in the list). Once you enter the server, you’ll see a data conflict window. Please let me know if it’s does not.


It doesn’t even tell me that the game needs Google play installed… Tried to delete the play app and normally fitness rpg would let me know I need that app for it to work… Installed or not I get no reaction when clicking on @marspark
connect with Google fit… Hmm