V3.1.8 Release Notes


Hi @marspark Downloaded latest version on both phones.

Both issues are not resolved.


Thanks @Alex_ck, when it stucks at the loading bar, what percentage number is it showing? Also, do you mind to reopen the app which the crash happens when pulling data from cloud? It should send us some crash log.



As requested, I reattempted the cloud restore on main account

On second phone it’s still stucked @85% with latest version :


87%. We have gone up by 2!


w866kp. Bbbbbbbbbnnnnnnnn


using ios 12.1.2
Mine is still @ 85%


Mine is at iOS 12.3.1


This is me trying to get it working.

Oh, I meant to say - when I load it and I am listening to a podcast, the podcast goes all glitchy till I close Fitness RPG.


@Maddmum @Annif @Alex_ck new updated build. Please let me know if it fixes the 85% problem.

We are also integrating a more advanced log tool at the moment. Might release a build either tonight or tomorrow morning if the current build still have issues.

Thank you all!


Hey tried the TestFlight and now it’s getting stuck at 90%


No luck for me :confused:.
Hope you can do it.


No luck for me, unfortunately (still stuck at 87% - iOS 12.4)


Updated both phone with the latest built .

  1. i’m still at 85% on phone #1
  2. i attempted twice an unsuccessful restore from the cloud on phone #2


No, unfortunately. I am still at 87%.


Hi guys, @Chris_Norman, @Maddmum, @NemosDemos, @Alex_ck, @Annif

I’ve just released a version with debug tools (but only for iPhones without the ‘top notch’). If you have iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8, then can you please update the game and screenshot some logs for me?

  1. Tap top left corner 3 times, very fast. It should show a console
  2. After it gets stuck at 85%, screenshot the log
  3. If the top right has number besides the red dot (warning), tap the dot, then screenshot the warning

Thank you guys! I’ll release a version that supports the ‘notch’ iPhones tomorrow.



Once the game freeZes, so does the log.



Same here, I can only access the log before
the game freezes


I had deleted the app from the phone that was stucked at 85% .

As a result, Both my phones are loading the game completely but both accounts have the issue with the data restoration from the cloud .

The cloud restore is now prompting right after the initial loading screens . Which is a nice improvement from forcing user to play 5-10 minutes on a new account in order to trigger that prompt screen.

I was able to trigger the console after Pressing “ yes “ on cloud restore but it froze before it logged an error message