V3.0 Release Notes

Hi guys,

I’m pleased to let you know that v3.0 is live. The goal of this version is to improve early stage players’ gaming experience. This is achieved by balance changes and UI revamp. We’ve also sent some Crystals to your mail so you can spend on the new changes.

Release notes


  • UI Revamp: (Upcoming feature: UI revamp)
    • Merge equipment/outfit into the Hero section.
    • Hero and Pet is now accessible while in the Adventure section. We’ll also apply this to Arena, Guild, and Glyph Mine in the next mini update.
    • Market: a place to merge all shops together.
    • Fit Tower: includes functionalities of Daily Fit Quests, Player, Powerup, and History.
    • Add some animations to the main screen
    • Improve the shop menu
  • Finish the Fitness RPG storyline
  • Fit-Pts: use Fit Points to open Fit Chests (known as Step Chests in the previous versions). Fit Points can be earned by walking or completing Daily Fit Quests.
  • Optimize screen display for tall Android Phones


  • Daily Fit Quest: increase Energy rewards
  • Fit Chests: increase Fit Stone and Crystal rewards, also increase Crystal cost for additional draws
  • Daily Quests:
    • Add Fit Stone rewards to some of the quests
    • Slightly increase Crystal rewards
  • Dark Rush: increase rewards
  • Glyph Mine: increase Energy cost
  • Guild:
    • Add Fit Stone rewards in the check-in event
    • Increase Guild lottery’s winning chances
  • Powerup:
    • Increase Energy bonus for Fit Chests
    • Greatly Increase Fit Stone, Knowledge Stone, and Will Stone bonus for Fit Chests
    • Reduce Step -> Energy bonus
    • Reduce Ancient Rune costs for early-stage powerups but increase for late-stage powerups
  • Hero:
    • Reduce Energy cost for hero levels < 120
    • Increase Energy cost for hero levels >= 120
    • Reduce Fit Stone costs, but increase Will Stone and Knowledge Stone costs for improving star-rating
  • Equipment:
    • Slightly reduce Silver cost for equipment levels < 40
    • Slightly increase Silver costs for levelling high-star equipment
    • Higher star-rating equipment now sells for more silvers
    • Reduce Gem costs for improving star-rating
  • Adventure:
    • Greatly increase Silver drops
    • Reduce Silver rewards in map rewards, also adjust the maximum map rewards storage accordingly (the duration is unchanged
    • Blessing Gem and Power Gem now drops at x-6 and x-9 stages, improve their chance to drop
    • Increase the daily challenge times for x-6 and x-9 stages
    • Reduce the drop rate of high star-rating equipment
    • Increase Silver and Legendary Rune rewards in star rewards
  • Market:
    • Increase prices for high star-rating equipment
    • Increase 5-star hero price
    • Increase the drop rate of Epic and Legendary pets in Arena shop
    • Increase the drop rate of Rare pets in Guild shop
    • Increase the level requirement for selling high star-rating equipment
    • Slightly increase the Crystal cost for refreshing shops
  • Pet:
    • Increase Silver cost for pet levels > 200
    • Increase Crystal cost for mutating pets

Please let me know your feedback!


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Good for rebalacing but what about energy that already spent?

For now, I cannot use skill on first turn?

I think it too hard to pass adventures with first turn like monster’s punchbag.

Horrible update, I think it is time to uninstall the game. Thanks for ruining my experience.


Arena are very imbalanced mage heroes can beat anyone.
Even with 5 star complete set upgraded warrior or knight with good glyphs vs mages and worlocks. Loosing all the time I choose 1mage, 1 priest, 1 knight, 1 warrior team. Pretty useless vs 2 or 3 mage team even with 20,000 power difference like 72,000 vs 51,000 mage wakrlock team of 2-4. Hope melee like warior get, stronger atk or matk.
Dodge and Resilience inaccurate it says 120% but gets hit all the time more like 25% , speed pretty useless hope speed can like double attack chance o, dodge can dodge skills and are accurate if its 95% it should really be 95% stronger resilience like double the current rating .
e Hope Can block , dodge, skill attacks in the future. And crit atk skill.
Pretty good game more power thanks :slight_smile:

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Where is the guild area?

Should it be in the upper left blank area? I found the guild shop in the market and I see I now have 0 tokens after I had saved over 1k.


I can’t say I’m impressed with the change in blessing and power gems on x-6 and x-9 stages. I was more than happy with them separated before as most upgrades need far more of 1 gem than the other so I have enough Blessings but now I cannot focus on just power gems.

You need to add in a little detail letting us know how many fitpoints you get from X steps. It gives a target to aim for for the next chest.

Happy with the differing selling costs for different started equipment, that makes sense.


I really like the new interface. It’s taking some time to adjust, but I do think it’s a solid improvement.

I’m having some crystal sticker shock in a few places, but I’m okay with that long-term. I know you guys need to make money and this is kind of a niche game, so I can be somewhat forgiving on that. People can and will continue to play this game for free. I think you do a fairly good job catering to all.

I’m not yet sure what to make of some of the rebalancing. I can understand why some might be annoyed, but I don’t have much of an opinion yet.

I haven’t found any major bugs in the new release yet, which is good. Finished all the daily quests with no problems. So, thumbs up on that.

Since you are in wanting feedback mode, here’s my ongoing wishlist for the future.

  1. More guild activities.
  2. A way to easily communicate with guild mates.

And lastly, I want to end on a good note. I’m far more active playing this game than not. You could literally be adding years to my life. :+1:


Nice new look v.3.0
Dev pls check hero balance im 0% arena
the arena swipe to your right. Left screen
Guild screen swipe to your left right screen

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Hi, I’m afraid the energy won’t be recoverable, but please collect crystals from your mail which should be enough for spending on energy +60% or buying a new hero!

@Detchat_Boonpragob we didn’t touch that part, there’s a random chance the hero will cast a skill.

@Harat Hi, I’m sorry if it ruined your experience, may I ask which part of the changes have been unsatisfied? Overall the buff and nerf should balance each other out even for mid-late stage players. And please collect the crystals so you can spend on the new changes.

@LotteryD please scroll to the left. There’s a current known issue that you’ll need to enter the guild page once to display your guild coins in the market.

@Davros Thank you for your feedback, I’ll let our game designer know. Fit points are displayed in the conversion window (maybe we should make it bigger?)

Thank you for the feedback and support. We’ve sent some Crystals server-wide and hope you can use them on the new changes :slight_smile:

@Anson_Ang thank you for your feedback and help on explaining where the features are :slight_smile:

We are continually monitoring the overall arena stats. One of our advices is to boost your magic defence across the team so they can last > 1 fireball.

We’ll double check with the stats you mentioned in the post but please note that the stats shown is your % against enemies/heroes at your level. They’ll be dramatically lower if your opponent has a higher level than your hero.

Anson_Ang I think early on the Mage’s have the power but later game there’s far more tactical. I smashed league C this past season with 1 mage, 1 warrior and 2 priests.

High levels the priests have big hits with high HP.

Marspark. I had a look and couldn’t spot how many steps per fit point. So far it looks to be about 30 steps per fit point. Is that right? I assume this doesn’t change on your level and is constant for everyone.

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So far the update seems decent.
I also agree with @Davros that I would like to see how many fit-points are received from steps. That information is not displayed anywhere.

Edit: The information is displayed during step conversion menu but not for total steps for the day.

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Ah, thanks for the scroll tips, now I see the Events on the extended left side too! Guild points are back. :slightly_smiling_face:

Only other issue is occasional freezing or non-responsiveness to taps to enter different areas. Galaxy S7.

It seems to be exactly 3 fit-points per 100 steps.

You can see this by using history to look at previous days. (It only looks at steps since fit-points are a new thing.)

20,700 steps -> 621 fit-points
20,092 steps -> 602.76 fit-points