V3.0 Release Notes


I like the look of things. For whatever reason though, when I click on the fit tower the game freezes & I have to restart the game. Everything else seems to be working ok.

Omg why is the end of the story so sad TT___TT

Also please, please add a max upgrade button for pets. Having to click 400 times after a failed rebirth really irritates my carpal tunnel.


@marspark in future updates would be nice to have some way to reset hero level and get back some of the stones used


I might be in serious trouble long-term when it comes to legendary runes. I’ve finished off well more than half of all the star rewards before the legendary runes were increased. And I don’t have any way to redo them.

Is this going to be a problem for me? :thinking::flushed:


You’ll get legendary runes every week in events and can also buy them in the Arena store so you should be fine


Don’t I feel silly for not remembering that!

Crisis averted. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


@Blainemuffin what’s the id of your current progress? A max upgrade button is already somewhere in the to do list and we’ll implement it as soon as possible!

Well believing the princess to come back is sort of a good ending right, cuz human wisdom is all about wait and hope and it can’t be sad :slight_smile:


@Lyght I’ve passed it to our game designer. We are more likely to introduce game modes that leverage the ‘less favorable’ classes to improve the situation. For example (nothing to promise!), a castle defence war that favours an all defensive team etc.


Can I please have your current id? We’ll check your data on our device.



I think you quoted the wrong person, but I do like your answer. :crazy_face:


normally, we can cast skill when cool down become 1. but now it meed to be 0. plz check.


plz check


Looks like any reference to the pet shop is gone - is that no longer happening


My id twin peak server is w8y6ye and like Blainemuffin I think I’m only seeing freezing when trying to go into the fit tower area. Thanks!


Hi, we are still thinking about it, nothing to promise though!


@LotteryD It’s weird that we can enter Fit Tower with your account. May I ask what’s your tracking option?


There’s definitely a delay when entering the fit tower, it always loads but sometimes is straight away and sometimes it takes 10 to 20 seconds in which time the screen does freeze.


@Davros we are investigating this as we speak. We’ll release an update as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding!


I can enter fit tower after a large delay. Tracking is google fit. Thanks!


@Davros may I ask which tracking device are you using?


@Blainemuffin may I ask which tracking device are you using now?