V1.3.0 Release Notes


It’s not pulling steps from my Apple Watch. What can I do to fix it?


@RaeRae can you please check this post to see if you have cleared the checklist?


I have checked the list. All of that is complete.


I agree that other stuff should have been put in front of some of these “fun” additions. The thing that irritates me the most about the game is that it at first was meant to encourage walking and getting in your steps and I don’t feel it does that anymore. You guys don’t want to offer more infentives to get steps (like rewards to hit anything over 10,000 steps) because you don’t want it to turn into a race which I get but you do have the option to increase energy Stones through the payment of crystals. It extreamly frustrating that a game meant to encourage walking is down playing that part of it and giving people who aren’t willing to go the extra mile the option to just be buy their way farther into the game.


I also checked all the Apple Watch steps. Every day I select my watch. Every day I get the countdown timer. And every morning I wake up back to the phone. Not even an error message.

Yesterday I had fewer than 800 steps in the game and more than 3000 on my watch. This is demotivating.



I agree with all the comments but this one especially resonates with me. I got this app to encourage me to move more but other than the recently added lottery system, there haven’t been any incentives to walk beyond 10K steps.

It would be nice if we could earn silvers with each extra 1K we stepped after the 10K goal, especially with the towers now nerfed in terms of silvers earned and we have a new pet system that requires silvers to level up and grow.

Or another suggestion would be if we had the ability to select a pet and have them level up as we step, similar to Poke’mon GO.

I really enjoy this app and hope you all focus on adding bonuses to help us move more :slight_smile:


It is finally working! Yay!


But broken today. Stacking today’s steps to yesterday just as predicted by others. I look like a superhero for yesterday and a lazy git today.


I used to know someone who said that, the “lazy git” part. Where does it come from?


@artemis512. Not sure where it comes from! British, maybe?


My game crashes when I try to open the arena. Any ideas what to do?


Definitely a British thing :roll_eyes:


Hi, please update to the latest version (v1.3.2) which solves the issue.