V1.3.0 Release Notes


Hi guys, I’m pleased to announce that v1.3.0 is live:

Release notes


  • Pet system: collecting your pets to aid your team
  • Apple Watch support: you can now use Apple Watch as a tracking option

Pet System:

  • For old players, the pet section opens when you collect enough pet fragments to activate a pet
  • Collect pet fragments to activate pet
  • Select pet in your team to take effect
  • Pay attention to how different pet affects different targets
  • Get new pet avatars
  • More information please refer to the in-game hint

Balance changes

  • Certain battle stages now drop pet fragments
  • Honor shop now sells pet fragments
  • Guild shop now sells pet fragments
  • Earn Power Gems and Blessing Gems when selling 6-star and 7-star equipments
  • Adjust level up rewards
  • Increase coin cost when leveling equipment above level 70
  • Reduce crystal rewards in Dark Rush events and weekly task
  • Reduce coin rewards in battle stages and map rewards
  • Reduce coin and rune storage for map rewards

Bug fixes

  • Battle stuck
  • Step count issues

Hope you’ll enjoy the new update and contents, please let us know your feedback :slight_smile:

Happy walking!


I could enjoy the game with new features if you would have a sistem to log before enter in game. Now after patch I have no way to enter with my 2 account, on two servers, even i chosed server save data.


I got some pet fragments but can’t figure out where they are being collected? Also what is the in game hint?


Sorry, I’m really disappointed with the adjustments.


Slightly reduce crystal rewards in Dark Rush events and weekly task
Slightly reduce coin rewards in battle stages and map rewards

If that’s what you call “slightly reduce”, maybe you could “slightly reduce” the cost of all in-app purchases to 99 cents.


They just appear when you play …I loot often as no time to play level by level and have got enough segments to create a pet blobby thing !


It depends where you’re in the game. I’ve managed to get only one pet on the new server & only after several loots & using my guild points. BTW, now you can get an empty loot :scream::scream::scream: I got that twice.


Mine is on the Fitland
Not had any no loots on any server yet
I guess we will see how it works over the next few days
The devs are always v responsive to problems I’ve found so let’s see how it goes
@Shikudo would be good to introduce something to spend ancient rumea on when you’re maxed out


It would be nice if the app didn’t tell me to update after I just updated to 1.3.0.


I lost all of my tower upgrades…


I loot often as well but am very confused where my collected fragments are going? Does a pet just appear with you in battle once you’ve got enough fragments?


@Skilleton responded your message


Yes, the pet section will appear when you have enough pet fragments.


@Xevion what do you mean by tower upgrades? Can I also check your game id?


@Lvmickey did it fix now?


We are working on it. More upgrades will be introduced with the 8-star hero feature.


@Rain I’ll check with the empty loot. Which stage did you encounter that?


The “slightly reduced” amounts are not slight at all. It looks like for silver they reduced everything 30-50% and crystals in the dark rush 60%.

This puts the older players at a huge advantage since they’ve been stockpiling those resources at better rates for months.

I’m thinking this update may have me uninstall and check out other fitness syncing apps.


It wouldn’t update so I had to uninstall and reinstall. When I opened it everything was gone and I am now back at square one. I used to have an account on both Fit Tower and Twin Peak. Is there a way to get that back or do I have to completely begin all over?


@Puck I’ve checked with our game designer and the value is more than just ‘slightly’ so I’ve removed the copy in the release notes. As for the advantage you can check the new server because it has been opened less than 2 weeks.