V1.3.0 Release Notes



I didn’t record the stages, but as far as I remember
Twin Peak Server: Normal mode (‘I already did loot at least once before the update), so it might’ve been at 7-10. However I had an empty loot at stage 9-10 Normal mode today.

Server Fitland- Nightmare mode
I think it was 4-10 or 3-10

Server Fit Tower: Hell mode
I had several loots without problems, but later that day had an empty loot probably at stage 3-10 or 2-10 Hell mode.

I know it’s your right to change rewards as it suits you, but sorry the old players has got a big advantage. I know that I can’t beat top players on FitTower / Fit Land arenas since they’ve played much longer than me, so I’m not buying anything there.

I thought Twin Peak might be different, but it’s still the same. Today my team lost a much lower team (almost half of my strength) when we still don’t have fully maxed out arch mages. This shows me that there’s no point advancing my heroes & gear. Also I had a new pet :thinking:


@Leah_Braaten have you tried to switch to your old server? Can you please try to follow these steps:

Please let me know if it doesn’t work for you!


@marspark I originally tried that. When I switched to the server I first started with it wanted me to start a new game on that server.


The Apple Watch sych isn’t working for me. I set it up, waited until the next day, and the app reverted me back to phone.


May I grab your current game id or possibly your old game id?


This is weird, can I please grab your game id so I can check it tomorrow?


My ID is r9vej7. I don’t know what I old one was.


Mine is rxeqvx. Thanks for looking into it.


Nvm, you just nerfed the silver reward from them so hard that I thought my upgrades were gone… What I meant with “towers” was the lakes/towers/buildings that you get rewards from in the battle area.


My tower upgrades erased as well before they were at over 2K and now they’re at 1.5k. my ID is rkvmj9


Omg, I was wondering why I was so low in fitstones or whatever. They nerrfed it 1k+ PER LEVEL.

@marspark You all do realize we spent HUNDREDS (thousands maybe?)of gems to buff those levels. What a way to kill your commited players. I’m infuriated! And then you increase the leveling to 1k per level after 70!? Getting FAR less gems from EVERYTHING. Again, veterans were getting gem handouts constantly for loyalty. Now my 20k bank has dwindled to half that because i didnt notice the gem nerf and started expanding for these new ridiculous pets. Instead of offering MORE for gems (like buying 6star equit for high gem prices), or new hero)s you give us less and take away what we bought with them in the past? What is going on? Screw you all! Good luck retaining players. After a few years, this update is what will be the final straw and be your undoing. Focus on what was working and less about expanding, the guilds without communication, appreciates without a search, and pets…Too much. You should have improved the heros and equipment options, added new heros, more levels and new enemies before this extra stuff. Just my honest opinion though


Another item you should have updated first too…

Daily step chestt expansion. 38k purple stones just wasting away. Why not make an exchange center? Trade gems, stones, ect for eachother.


@Xevion, @Bcky.mn23, @SlyFox, as Xevion mentioned we nerfed the map rewards, not the storage. If the storage you upgraded allows storing 5 extra hours of rewards then it’s still the same.

I’ll make sure your feedback catches our game designer’s attention (like always) and he’ll make adjustments if he thinks is necessary.

I could make a long statement about how every hard decision is made but I think you guys wouldn’t want to hear them:) So all I’m saying is that we are truly sorry if any changes have brought you bad experience and we appreciate your honest opinions.

We do make mistakes as it’s our first time to make an RPG. But trust us we are trying our best to provide the best gaming experience possible while sustaining the business and development of the game. Again, we would like to say a big thank you for your patience, especially those who came all the way from beta.



We understand that you’re doing the best you can, and you’ve created a great foundation for an awesome game, so kudos for that! And we understand that you need to make money from the game somehow. But I think a lot of us are feeling like the game is moving in the wrong direction, and that’s why there’s a backlash to this release.

The game is extremely slow to progress in, and the way to progress is REALLY repetitive. You just log in, do the same fight over and over again until you beat it and move on to the next almost identical fight. And on top of that you now also nerfed the rewards so that you can’t upgrade your characters as fast, meaning more repetitive boring fighting.

There is still no chat system in the game, there is no way to give advice to apprentices, there is no use for fit stones after a certain level, the PvP is utterly imbalanced, the battles and events are uninspiring, the gear and skill progression is decent, although very slow as well.

I have already stopped playing the game as much as I used to because the grind is terrible. With this release I’m on the edge of quitting.


I feel the same. I’m in the collection steps mode on FitTower. I’ve been a bit more active on the other two servers since I started playing there only a few weeks ago. But after two active days after the latest update, I’m about to give up the game even without finishing story line.

Sorry @marspark , but this update put me off the game.


As I understand, was Jax smart to leave before patch? Tell me about. I want to know as outsider, cause I didnt loged to my account after release of the new patch.:rofl:


@Xevion @Rain thank you for the feedback guys, appreciated. We’ll evaluate.


@Leah_Braaten I’ve manually transferred your data. Please login the game and see if you have got your progress back. Please let me know if you are having issues retrieving your data. Thanks!



@marspark It worked, thanks!!


It’s not pulling steps from my Apple Watch. What can I do to fix it?