Upcoming feature: Glyph Mine

Hi guys,

Some of you are interested in our development roadmap and we heard you! So from now on, we are going to share some upcoming features from time to time. They are subjected to change and there’s no ETA :slight_smile:

Now I’m pleased to announce “Glyph Mine”, a new feature to power your heroes with energy. You should receive more energy with the recent “Daily Fit Quest” and it’s a good way to spend them on your heroes!

Dig Glyphs

  • You get to dig glyph with energy (the price is just for illustration)
  • Without spending crystals, you’ll start with the “Common” mine. Everytime you dig, there’s a chance to unlock the next mine. Once you dig an advanced mine, you’ll lose access to that mine until you unlock it again
  • Each time you dig, you’ll receive “Glyph” and “Glyph essences”


  • You can equip glyph on your heroes
  • Additional glyph slots are unlocked by hero’s star-rating
  • Glyph comes with rarity and can boost stats and skills
  • Glyph can be leveled by merging glyphs with the same rarity

Glyph Essences

  • You can purchase rare glyphs with glyph essences


Please let me know your feedback. Again there’s no ETA on delivering this feature :slight_smile:

Happy walking!


That sounds awesome. Please do that as soon as you can.

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Amazing! It’s like in some mmorg for weapon. I like it.

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In your example screenshot, the Power Glyph shows “Attack: 1000”. Is that any kind of attack - physical or magical?

I’m trying to get an idea of how many types of glyphs there will be.

Attack: 1000 is just for illustration. You can assume each type of stats and each skill will have their own glyphs.