Holiday / Special Events

Just wanted to know if the dev team had any plans for holiday events. I know the other Shikudo games have events, but I couldn’t find one for FitnessRPG. It’s be great to have one, especially to raise awareness and interest in the game. It’d also be a great advertisement :sunglasses:


We are working on a Christmas one, please stay tuned!


Wooooo!!! So excited!! :laughing:

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Anyyyy updates on the Christmas event?? :heart:

Hi @FLo, we didn’t have enough time to do a full event as we were struggling with a few critical bugs in the past month. However, we manage to finish a few exclusive holiday packs just on time which have awesome value. Make sure to check them out in a few days!

I know you are likely to be disappointed with the holiday event but please check out our upcoming features and hope the game continues to motivate you in 2019! We know it’s a bit early but I wish you a happier and healthier life in the coming year!


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