Random chit chat


I just accidentally ended up in A on Twin Peak, definitely low man there. :confused: Thanks for the tips!


I saw you battle :musical_note:
Wasn’t even cattle :musical_note:
I’m gonna tattle :musical_note:
That you won a battle! :musical_note:

Oh, yeah. This song’s going to be a big hit. The Billboard Hot 100 easy! Just need to somehow convince Maroon 5 to sing it. :wink::crazy_face:

P.S. Someone once mentioned that I tend to post silly things late at night, when I’m a bit tired and sleep deprived. No idea why they’d spread such lies. :grimacing:


So catchy! :smiley:

Yes, you snitch :)) I did win a few, finally XD

Conclusion: complaining helps! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d reply to you and congratulate you on continuing to win battles when almost all hope was lost, but I’m told I’ve already replied to you 3 times in this particular topic and that a great discussion involves many voices and perspectives.

Oops. Did I just defy authority by replying a 4th time? Anarchy I tell you! Anarchy!

No wonder you called this the random chit chat thread and not the authoritarian and well-ordered chit chat thread! You knew all along!

Randomness! Anarchy! Chaos! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria! :scream:


There seems to be a small paws in this forum’s conversations. So, you can guess what that must mean. More silly pet pictures! :grimacing:

Our kitten Dexter puts his paw under bathroom doors and waits patiently for a sacrificial reward that he can pull to the other side.

So far, he’s retrieved toilet paper of various lengths, a sweater, and an entire bath towel. Just place the object on his paw and as long as it fits under the door, he’ll take it all.

Cats. Go figure. :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s been a woodpecker outside my house all morning who is determined to get a meal from the metal street sign.

Street Sign Blues

Been pecking on signs while they’re all in their beds :musical_note:
Waking what’s live to put holes in what’s dead :musical_note:
Using my beak, yeah, that’s what I said :musical_note:

I got the street sign blues :musical_note:
There’s got to be food!:musical_note:
I got the street sign blues :musical_note:
But I haven’t a clue! :musical_note:

The forums were quiet though. Almost too quiet. Might encourage people to post silly stuff, even when it’s not late at night. :grimacing:

Here’s something not so silly though, and even related to the game.

Our guild’s lottery prize pool no longer looks pathetic. :flushed:


Hehehe, I haven’t been able to play super actively the last couple of days (just been checking into the guild and grabbing chests, really) so I’ve been dumping into the lottery fuhuhuhu~



Thanks for contributing extra to help our guild grow! And thanks for continuing to check-in! :clap:

The guild leader won the lottery again (shared with another this time) and the pool is back to pathetic. We should grab pitchforks and torches and confront the leader! Have him explain himself!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Oh, wait. I am the leader. Sorry about that! :grimacing:

P.S. Hey, at least I bought lottery tickets even when the pool was completely empty. Somebody’s got to do it or the pool would stay empty, it does help the guild grow, and it does offer some guild coins. :slightly_smiling_face:


I never check when the pool is empty or not, I just buy when I can. Helps encourage steps after all :slight_smile:

I’ve found that when I check in at the end of the day though, that it shows only ~5 people have checked in, and I’m not able to pick up any guild chests. If I log in first thing in the morning, I can get the full 30, which means I always have to log in twice a day :frowning: I’d really rather not. I have other things to do…


Lol the forum telling me “you’ve replied to @Rhandar a bunch, maybe you should reply to other people too” like Rhandar isn’t the most talked to/about person on the grid XD


I have the opposite problem. I always have to log off at least twice a day to do other things like eat and sleep! :crazy_face:


I’ve just reached the next level by replying to you.

I think it’s the forum’s way of saying that I’m being a :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:ing piece of :poop: by :pig2:ing the conversation! :crazy_face:

In all seriousness, this forum just isn’t all that active. Not my fault! Right? :grimacing:


It’s true. I really wish we had a subreddit. The forum is cool and all, but I already had a Reddit account. I didn’t join for a long, long time because I didn’t want to make a separate account for this.


Re: Having a separate forum…

My suggested topics at the bottom are all extremely out of date. I just necro’d a topic completely on accident from half a year ago.

Is maintaining a separate forum with unintended “features” like that really a good use of dev time?



I see what you’re doing here. You’re just trying to bait me into replying again, lest I lose my shameful 46% reply rating for this topic.

Normally, your tactics might not work. However, since this is the random chit chat thread and you must know that I am susceptible to randomly chit chatting with the slightest provocation, you win this time. You have indeed exploited my weakness and have successfully baited me.

Well played, sir. :crazy_face:

P.S. Still hoping that the developers add a guild chat feature within the game.


Hey guys! Anybody know who game name luthien is? I’ve been battling you for months now it feels like. This is eric, btw


Same here for the past 2-3 weeks… And look at everything I missed! A woodpecker, a song, another spammer in our midst! :grimacing: :grin:


You too? :scream:

All I did was go out to mow the yard! I came right back in when I was finished. I swear! :scream::crazy_face:


Hi everyone, I’m new. Just making a post so y’all won’t feel too lonely on this thread.

My legs hurt from all this sudden walking, I’m really not used to making 10k+ steps daily but that’s exactly what I’ve been doing the past three or so days. Today I’ve charged my batteries with a bowl of oatmeal and I’m going out again. I don’t know if any day now I’ll either :white_circle:drop dead mid-walk or :white_circle:get used to it. I guess we’ll see.


Hi Grace!

You might find this helpful.

Stretching can make a huge difference when you are first starting out.

My personal favorite is #5 from the 2nd link.

The Runner’s Hamstring and Calf Stretch

It’s easy, quick, and effective. I’d suggest doing it lightly before you walk and moderately afterwards. I’m fairly lazy, so it’s pretty much the only stretching I do. Don’t go overboard. I’m not a believer in “no pain, no gain” workouts or stretches. I prefer “no pain, no pain.” Just do what feels comfortable. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your legs will eventually adapt. I walk 20k steps per day. No leg pain and I no longer feel the need to stretch if that’s all I’m doing.

If I go to Planet Fitness to get a more serious leg workout though, 30 seconds of my time to do the runner’s hamstring and calf stretch helps enormously. So let’s hope it helps you too! :+1: