Random chit chat


For those still lonely, might I suggest a German Shepherd puppy? :crazy_face:

River @ ~15 pounds:

River @ ~35 pounds:

River @ ~75 pounds

Works for me! :slightly_smiling_face:


@Grace Do make sure that what you’re feeling is muscle pain, not joint pain! If you’re feeling it in your soles, knees, or ankles or you’re developing blisters, that’s a sign to give it a good rest. Giving your muscles a day to relax in between is also not a bad idea. I only ever get up to about 7,000 steps (unless I go running) and I still get most of my rewards.

Do not do the One Punch Man 5km run every single day, that’s not actually good for you! lol


I made the huge mistake of walking 400+ miles in 35 days a few summers ago, with horrible arch support. It was a lot of fun, until it wasn’t.

One foot never did recover. I wouldn’t be walking much at all right now, if I hadn’t bought custom insoles at a kiosk inside a Costco last fall (they scanned my feet and created insoles to match). There’s still foot discomfort with every step (no matter how much or how little I walk), but at least it isn’t getting worse.

I also found some flip-flops with great arch support that help (since the problem is in the ball of my foot and flip-flops don’t constrain my toes).

So, yeah. I totally agree. Don’t do what I did! There are definitely worse things than muscle pain. Morton’s Neuroma is no picnic (what I’ve now got long-term). :grimacing:


It’s been more than a week since I spammed the random chit chat thread with pictures of our random kit cat? What willpower I must have! Yay, me! :crazy_face:

Unfortunately, I was on the couch watching TV under a throw and this squishy little meatball curls up against my legs and falls asleep. So, how can I resist?

All willpower lost. Sorry about that. Will try harder next time. :grimacing:


Don’t resist^^ An adorable kitty was just what I needed right now :smiley:

So how’s everyone doing?
I restarted my WoW subscription last weekend and had about 3k steps on both days combined o.0 But that won’t do! I need energy, so back to keeping my step count high :wink: Btw, what arena bracket are you in, Rhandar?

Edit: nvm, saw your post about the league of extraordinary gentlemen XD


Hahaha! (I should not laugh. I may be addicted to video game addictions. I’ve had so many of them and have no desire to stop. :crazy_face:)

Here are three bonus pictures in case you need more, more, and more. :grimacing:

They are from my very exclusive Kitty in a Box collection. Not sold in stores! :crazy_face:

(Not really all that exclusive. Kitty is often in a box. If he fits, he sits. :grimacing:)


I’m feeling randomly chit chatty again. Beware! :grimacing:

Things I’m Grateful for Today

  • It rained last night so I don’t need to water the yard. Is it too wet to do yard work? Let’s just rationalize that it is and call it good. Woohoo! :crazy_face:
  • Washed and sorted some socks. Not all that exciting. Right? What if I told you that there were an even number and the last two were actually the same color? Miraculous! Woohoo! :crazy_face:
  • Cat hiding spaces. They are places where your cat can safely hide and relax, completely invisible to the entire world! :crazy_face:

  • Well, almost completely invisible to the entire world. Almost. :crazy_face:


Pop Quiz

  1. Alien Xenomorph or German Shepherd? :thinking:

  1. Alien Xenomorph or German Shepherd? :crazy_face: