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:boom: Random chat corner :boom:

For those times when you check the forum and find no topic to contribute to. You don’t wanna spam, but would still like to leave a comment… So, here’s a place for it! Drop by, say Hi, complain or brag about your arena luck, share a joke - in short, spam away (in a considerate way :wink: )!

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Why do people assume that our kitten can’t someday become a gold medal Olympic diver? :crazy_face:


On the contrary, I see a lot of potential! :swimming_woman:

In other news, I’m stuck on stage 6 nightmare :confounded: no major upgrades I can do soon, so I’m stuck here for a while…

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I looked at your team and see that you have two 6-star mages, which is very good. Your priest would be more helpful if it could shield two at once, but the resurrection set may be good enough though.

Do you have arcane blast on both mages? I hope so! (You have to actually go to the skill screen and pick it, which I forgot to do once.)

It looks like your Rose is the stronger one. Is she able to kill all 6 monsters in one shot of arcane blast? If so, can Joenne kill them all in one shot too?

If Rose can, but Joenne can’t, then Joenne may just need another “Mystery” item to get the set bonus and do more damage. So, you might be closer than you think.

When both can kill everything in one shot, then you might be able to finish the stage by trying over and over until you get lucky. The trick is to get Rose to kill all 6 monsters in one round and Joenne to kill another 6 monsters in another round. Makes it SO much easier, but for this to happen you typically have to replay a stage many, many times, until you get lucky. Killing all 6 will not happen on the first set of monsters. Don’t even try. It will be the 2nd set and the 3rd set If things go well.

If you aren’t able to do it, then escape. It doesn’t cost you anything to escape, so you can try over and over for free, until you are able to do it. I’ve spent a good hour fighting the same battle over and over if there was any hope at all. Sometimes it really pays off to keep trying!

So much for random chit chat! This is definitely game advice. And maybe advice you already know. Hahaha! :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. Also tends to require luck with Fireball. On the first set of monsters, you need fireballs to kill more than one monster, or you’ll be stuck there too long. Being stuck there too long means arcane blast will trigger on the first set of monsters, and that will throw everything off.


I kept trying but even the luckiest timing didn’t get me past. My mages have arcane blast - and after a few fights I even activated it hehe - but neither of them can kill a wave. Mostly I’m surprised I made it this far: my team is lvl 91-165 vs. monster of level 246, so I’m proud of my mages and tell them so :stuck_out_tongue:
Do you know if skills (like fireball and arcane blast) are buffed by crit chance?

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I had an easier time when I was where you are, with the same team (2 mages, a priest, and a warrior).

The latest update definitely makes it harder to get 5-star equipment sets. Ideally for damage output, each of your mages would have 3 mystery pieces and 3 radiance pieces.

Bottom line: With your build, it’s (nearly? :thinking:) impossible to advance further in the story if both mages can’t each kill a wave of monsters with one arcane blast. So, sounds like you are doing pretty good to make it as far as you have!

I think Fireball criticals seem to happen more with higher crit chance. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen arcane blast do a critical. Wouldn’t swear to It in court though. After giving this more thought, I’ve also never seen arcane blast be dodged or blocked. It never misses. :thinking:

(For what it’s worth, both of my mages currently wear a Gem of Radiance, which improves critical rating.)

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Great news! Your mages, your heavy guild contributions, your endless activity in our very active guild, and your participation in the forums have entitled you to a guild promotion!

Your status in the guild is now elite! You can see your special status in the guild’s member list.

This entitles you to the following special perks:

  • Full access to the Lost Soles lounge (if we had one)!
  • Full access to the guild’s elite armory (if we had one)!
  • Free subscription to the Lost Soles newsletter (if there was a newsletter)!
  • 10% off all souvenirs in the Lost Soles gift shop (if the guild had a gift shop)!

In addition to all the potentially awesome perks, you also receive the following benefits:

[ This section intentionally left blank. ]

It may seem a bit overwhelming, but you deserve it! Thank you for helping the guild grow!

The promotion to elite is real, but all it really does is move you higher in the member list and put a special symbol near your name. But hey, it’s the best I can do. :crazy_face:


Oh my! :star_struck:

The perks might be imaginary, but the work that went into this promotion announcement… wow! Loved it, thank you! :smiley:

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Encouraged by my new rank :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and having walked 5k right after midnight to get all but last daily chest… I made it!
And once I defeated 6-8 (nightmare) I was able to go all the way to 8-3, with full :star::star::star: on stage 7 levels. I feel that melee stages are much harder than those with ranged mobs. Or ranged levels are too easy? Maybe it depends on your team composition, but this is the 2nd server I level on (with different main heros team) and those mobs still feel very different in difficulty.

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Interesting. I generally breezed through the melee stages but found the ranged stages more difficult.

The ranged stages required me to put my mages in the front row and my pets weren’t optimal for that. So, my mages had a harder time killing all 6 monsters at once.

My berserker also wasn’t optimal at fending off long magic battles when placed in the back row. And once again, my pets offering my berserker better magic attack and speed didn’t help at all.

Some melee stages could be difficult for me though, when the melee monsters bypassed my berserker and picked on the back row too much.

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Loving the competitiveness at the top of league e
Trisen is certainly an interesting case which has been very awkward to beat

Anyone got thoughts on how their own leagues are playing out at the moment?

Greetings from an apprentice, Ewdii :wink:

I wouldn’t know about the top, but E league is definitely active and populous. I left my team with 1 hero for a few days, thinking I’ll get easy wins and work my way to decent rank in the last 2 days. Half the plan worked, got 10 wins, but… That only brought me up to rank 64! And 60 after spending crystals on a few extra combats. Hope I can climb a bit more today XD

I’d love to tell you about all the exciting battles in the upper leagues, but there really isn’t much to say yet.

There were 3 of us fighting it out in Season 2 all by ourselves, fairly evenly. I was 2nd or maybe even 3rd at that time.

One stopped playing shortly thereafter, leaving 2 of us relatively evenly matched. So what did we do? We each fought the guards for easier victories and mostly kept to ourselves. Not that exciting, I admit.

Then the other player stopped playing. And then started playing again. And then stopped for good it seems. Might not have been exciting, but it was interesting. Does drama count?

It’s now just the guards and me in League C. In the next season I will move to an even higher league more than likely, where I may once again be finding only guards to fight.

Each time I advance, I worry that the guards will be too strong and I’ll be fighting battles that are difficult to win. So, I sandbag a lot of resources just in case I need them. Will be spending much of them soon (at the start of the new season). It’s like a shopping spree. That’s kind of exciting. I guess. Well, maybe. :thinking:

Perhaps I just need a motivational quote from Alien to make it sound more exciting.

“It’s another glorious day in the Corps. A day in the Marine Corps is like a day on the farm. Every meal’s a banquet. Every paycheck’s fortune! Every formation’s a parade! I love the Corps!”

Thanks Sergeant Apome! :crazy_face:

I’ll motivate you!

I’ll catch up soon and be easy pickings to your superior team! Get ready for that!

I’ve seen you up top doing fine fitari :wink: top 10 :smiley:

This has definitely been mocking me for a little while now

It seems I have a rather strong team for my league (we’ll see how it goes in the next one :crazy_face:)
But I wasn’t sure I have enough battles left to get back to first page. Don’t have enough crystal to do many extra battles, so I tried to use my attacks on players with higher power (to get more score increase). And yes, I made it back up. Nice to see you here ;D

Edit: Hey, you attacked me!

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Nothing personal. I like to just fight who’s in front of me :slight_smile:

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Lost Soles now has you surrounded in Random chit chat. So hand over some silver and nobody gets hurt.

Nothing personal! :crazy_face:

It’s very late here. Like our dog, one might even say that I’m getting tire’d. Two tire’d.

Puns? :scream::crazy_face:

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