Random chit chat

Hehe, I only noticed you name because I was replying to you here :stuck_out_tongue: And yeah, I do the same, not really paying attention to the name of opponent, only looking at team composition. Now let’s see how we do in D league! : D

Rhandar, you seem to become odd around your bedtime :laughing:

PS - He’s got bunny ears in this pic :rabbit: And look at those big-big eyes :roll_eyes: wondering why you make him pose so “tire’d” : ))

Her name is River and she likes chasing bunnies. We currently have wild rabbits living in the grass in our backyard. My girlfriend actually put chairs out in the yard so I didn’t accidentally mow over their home. :grimacing:

Baby bunny:

Mama bunny:

Not the greatest pictures but I didn’t want to get too close. :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. River is known for her eye rolling. Must be something I do. :crazy_face:


Rabbits look like you painted them^^
Good thinking with the chairs :wink: While you tend to your farm with River helping, I’ll win this week’s lottery – 13 tickets already :stuck_out_tongue:

If the rabbits were fake you’d know it. They’d be made of chocolate!

At the risk of excessively spamming the “spam away” random chit chat thread with pictures of our beloved pets and their enormous ears, here’s River’s snake. Might be real. Might not. You make the call! :crazy_face:

Oh, the things our dog has to put up with. I admit it. She’s been posed and you can no doubt see it in her eyes again. In my defense, she’s now fast asleep in that same position. :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. Good luck in the lottery and thanks for buying tickets to help our guild grow! :four_leaf_clover::clap:


Did the guild info area shrink? I liked our previous info… seems only half of it fits now.

Edit: and honor market doesn’t refresh at midnight anymore?

The area did shrink but the text is still there. If you click on the guild list, find our guild, and click on it then you can see it. (Update: I just removed a blank line so all the text can be seen everywhere.)

You want to check up on our lost souls? Yesterday, 36 out of 38 checked in. Only lost one soul (the other got a free pass).

The bad news is that only 30 checked in today. Worst day in a long time! Definitely losing some more souls! Two right out of the gate and several more are looking iffy. :scream:

The good news is that at least we made it to 30! And our top contributors, like you, checked in. So, we still had a good day when it comes to the guild rankings. :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. I think the honor market is still refreshing but every now and then it refreshes to the same thing? :thinking:

Oh yeah! That’s the stuff! Happy to see the count back in its place :stuck_out_tongue:

Was thinking honor market might change to the same, but 3-4 nights now it didn’t change for me. Might just be unlucky… Help me keep an eye on it?

I started to wonder if people might think the count is a bit mean spirited, so a few weeks ago I added a :slightly_smiling_face:. I like to think that it’s like adding some festive flowers to the graveyard. Really cheers the place up! :wink:

I’ve seen it change in the past. At midnight, didn’t see much of a change. I wasn’t really paying attention though. My eyes are glued on it now. And until I see it change, I will be taking screenshots to compare. Here’s today’s (which may or may not match yours).

If I see the exact same pattern after midnight it would certainly be suspicious, and after a few days in a row it would be very, very suspicious. In any event, I’ll update this post with the next screenshot within 24 hours.

Update: It’s past midnight, and this is what I now see. Seems to be working. Maybe you were just unlucky? I can say that the 6-star chest is more rare than the 5-star chest. It’s never been 50/50. So maybe that’s what is making it look like it’s not updating to you? :thinking:

P.S. Although I check everyday, I often have to pay the refresh fees to get a 6-star chest. I suspect that the odds of getting a 6-star chest go up when I pay for the refresh, but I have not been tracking it to know for sure. Just seems like it. Maybe. :thinking:

Hello all! I’m relatively new, started a few weeks ago. Nice to meet you!

I’m sitting at the top of League H for the time being, lv 65. My friend and I are playing together as master-apprentice. Probably going to need to find a more active guild with more members soon.

I just wanted to point out that the 1* Warlock’s name is “Edge.” That is all.

Hello @GeneM!

Lost Soles is ranked #2 on the Power Tablet server and since I’m the leader, I can get both you and your friend in guaranteed. Just give me your names and add yourselves to the waiting list if you want in. I’ve temporarily increased the guild’s level requirement to 120 for a few hours so nobody else can join ahead of you.

We’re very active so you’ll both need to check in daily. The daily rewards for being in the guild should be worth it. :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. If you do want in, but miss the current temporary opening(s), don’t worry. I’m confident we can get you both in quickly if you are interested.

@Rhandar I am! Looks like there’s only one spot open at the moment. I’ll stick my name in, I’m sure my buddy will follow. It’s Gene and Ashama.


You are in and I see Ashama in the list! Welcome to the guild!

You should be able to check in and grab all of today’s check in rewards before today’s deadline (less than 4 hours away). :slightly_smiling_face:

I may be able to get Ashama into the guild in about 4 hours. I could kick one member out right now for being absent for 48+ hours, but they’ve been a good contributor for a long time, so want to give them a last chance to check in today.

In any event, 1 to 2 spots generally open up each day. Ashama will definitely get in next! :slightly_smiling_face:

@Rhandar thank you! I’ll do my best :slight_smile:

Edit: looks like I need to wait 24 hours after leaving a guild before I can access check-in.

No problem!

I give new members a long grace period for their first check in (as long as they are actively playing the game). :slightly_smiling_face:

Hahaha! Well, it does – the smiley, not the graveyard flowers :stuck_out_tongue:

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Woohoo, new walkers in our guild! Welcome! :smiley:


Ashama’s in! :slightly_smiling_face:

Next kick gets the graveyard to an even :100: lost souls. :scream:

Made it to arena league C and… it sucks! :))
We’re 11 all together, 6 bots included, and I can’t beat anyone – player or guard. :scream_cat:

Oh, no! :scream:

I wish I could offer some great advice but I’ve been having that fear for many weeks. I was bracing for the worst this last time because I thought for sure that I’d be pushed into League A. Still in League B though. Go figure. :thinking:

I do have some advice that might help, but comes with a price tag. :grimacing:

  • You should mutate some of your pets to get better mutations. Look for magic attack for your mages, or speed if the guards are faster, or even some extra hp would help. Will cost you some crystals to do this. Feel free to take a long break from doing super check-ins to help pay for it. You’ve contributed so much already!
  • Buying a 4-star Twinkie would help you a lot, but it’s really expensive (in real money) to get it to 4-stars, and you aren’t even guaranteed you’ll get it to 4 stars (since a rebirth can fail). You’ll also need to mutate it too more than likely.
  • If you don’t have the S-Magical ATK passive skill on your mages, it’s worth paying the crystals to replace one of your less useful passive skills to get it. Pump fit stones into it as soon as you can. Same goes for your active fireball skills. Can help a lot!

P.S. You probably already realize this, but you’ll still want to fight 10 times per day in the arena even if you are losing. Some rewards are still better than no rewards. I don’t envy the task though. :scream:

Not all guards are created equal. If you do win a fight with one, remember which one and seek him out in the future. And try to avoid the ones who really slaughter you, of course.

One advantage to dwelling on pet mutations to get you out of trouble is that there’s less risk you’ll be pushed into an even harder league next time. Pets don’t seem to affect your advancement chances much, near as I can tell.