Priest passive skill S-physical attack question

I just got passive skill “S-Physical” attack for Priest class. Does this do anything since the priest doesn’t use a physical attack?

You are right to ask. S-Physical ATK is definitely not a skill you want for a priest. Ditch it and try again.

S-Magical ATK, on the other hand, is awesome for the priest.

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i’ve never seen S, only I, II, and III. i’m guessing S the 4th and highest passive skill tier? on a side note, is it worth upgrading III-magic attack and II-magic attack on priest and mage?

It costs a lot of crystals to change skills, especially if you are looking to change a skill to a particular one that may require many attempts. Using a lot of crystals can cost a lot of real money. It’s therefore a hard question for me to answer for you.

S-Magical ATK works best if your magical attack is already high. If it isn’t already high (low level hero with low level equipment), Magical ATK-III might even be better.

I think you can have S-Magical ATK and Magical ATK-III at the same time. One of my heroes has both S-HP and HP-III. Therefore, if you already have Magical ATK-III on a mage or priest then you might want to pick a different skill to change. That’s especially true if you don’t intend to spend a lot of crystals to customize every skill.

Anything that isn’t “S” rating I eventually try exchanging it for an S rated skill via crystals . I get crystals from the arena prizes, never had to buy any.

How certain are you of that? Like a knight does a physical attack with a magic hammer, how does that work? I thought I remembered reading that physical and magic attack were combined for that attack total but I’m not 100% sure.

The knight actually does a magical attack with a magic hammer. You can see this in the attributes for a knight. It’s a magical attack. Maybe it’s like Thor and lightning comes out? :thinking:

What I don’t know is what happens when a Warlock attacks. It’s both physical and magical. I assume the target’s physical defense and magical defense both come into play, But how exactly? It seems worse for the target than receiving a half-powered physical attack combined with a half-powered magical attack (since the Warlock’s attack is split between the two but the target’s defenses aren’t). :thinking:

Will a Warlock want both S-Magical ATK and S-Physical ATK? Probably. :thinking:

Will a Warlock want a glyph that provides bonuses to magical attack and physical attack? Maybe not. Better to use 2 glyphs? One that offers magical attack and the other offers physical attack? Bigger bonuses overall that way. :thinking:

Anything that isn’t “S” rating I eventually try upgrading.

wouldn’t you want to prioritize upgrading the “S” skills since they’re the best ones? i’d think it’d be a waste to upgrade “I” and maybe even “II” passive skills if anything. I also had that question about the knight vis a vis magic and physical attack. i basically ended up just abandoning him because it was bugging me.

yeah, i’m definitely not planning on changing the III-mag atk on my mages/priest lol. changing skills is expensive but gem income in this game is pretty good, so it’s not too big a deal. i just don’t know if i should change skills to try to get an “S” or if it’s even possible for me to get an “S” passive rn (maybe hero has to be 7* or something? idk)

but yeah i have a bunch of other more or less useless passive that i’ll change when i have the spare gemmage. afaict the best ones are attack (make sure it’s the right type of attack for the character) magic def (good for arena) speed (good for arena) hp (hp seems useful)… other ones don’t seem too beneficial.

At lower levels, “S” might not necessarily be better than “III” because “S” adds a percentage to what you already have (which might not be much). I haven’t looked at the math on it though to verify.

In any event, here’s the good news. You can upgrade any passive skill you eventually plan to replace and it won’t hurt you long-term. When you replace a passive skill with another passive skill, you get back all the fit stones you used to upgrade the one you are replacing.

This feature could also be useful if you decide to abandon a particular hero class in general. You can get back all the fit stones you invested in passive skills by replacing those skills with other passive skills. It will cost you a lot of crystals and you may someday regret changing the skills just to get the fit stones back though, of course.

@Trisen has some excellent advice on what is useful. I haven’t followed it exactly but where I haven’t, it’s probably been at my own peril. :grimacing:

What I meant is if it’s not an “S” rated passive skill I will spend crystals and try to replace it with an S rated or at least a lv 3 skill!