How Arena Progress works

Hey all, now that we have a new server I thought I would post a little about how Arena progress works. As you enter the arena each season you will get sorted to a league based on your best power score (not necessarily your current arena team power score).

You can stop progressing your characters to keep yourself from progressing if you want (stop evolving or upgrading equipment and characters). This can help if you would be underpowered in the next league up, since you will be over powered in your current league.

It’s also possible to skip 1 or more leagues. It should not be possible to drop a league.

Below are the approximate ranges for power for each league below.

My master codes: Twin Peaks rebyg Fit Tower z8mvr Fit Land ryxvz

*. I am unsure what Fs Max is and Gs Low range is.

You can also look at the other leagues using the drop down on the Rank page(as well as the hall of fame). This will allow you to see what you will be facing if you go up a league and decide if you are ready.