Arena & Build Guide

This guide is mainly focused on after your heroes have class changed but most of the principles are the same before. This is just my opinion, and you should play whatever is more enjoyable for you.
Here is link to the arena progress brackets. Here



I see my build of a warrior, priest, and two mages. I’m also toying with the 3 mage version long-term.

My pet skill priorities have been generally in line with your advice. Where I have somewhat differed has been a concern for me long-term. I’m a bit weak on magic attack and dodging. It’s expensive to mutate pets so when I got healing, hp, and speed on Twinkie I stopped and locked them in. Some of my other pets haven’t been mutated much yet. Wish I had done more before the crystal prices went up, but at least I did Twinkie! In fact, I spent a ton of crystals on it the day before the update. That was pure luck. Whew!

I saw 4% healing on the last server. Tried to get it here. I actually gave up after looking at your Twinkie. i figured it must be insanely difficult to get or you’d have it! :grimacing:


This is great! :+1:
Thanks for posting!

For DPS stats I see you favour magic attack, speed and HP. Is there no real benefit from the other offensive stats (hit, accuracy, crit and crit dmg)?
As for defensive stats, I was also thinking HP is sufficient for 2 out of 3 DPS. But how about the one behind the front line (who’ll quickly get hit by a Curse), is it worth having magic def, resilience, dodge?

Dodge is only used for normal attacks, skill attacks like curse cannot be dodge and can also not crit. Could be an argument for magic defense but it requires more thought than doing your damage before you die. Crit is all well and good but like I mentioned above it does not work on skill attacks only normal attacks. I have a mage that normal attacks can crit for 600k plus however, if the front tank is a berserker it doesn’t matter anyways since I won’t get to the juicy backline for another 2 rounds.


As always, you are a treasure trove of useful information! Thanks for sharing!

the link to the forum post about the threshold for moving up arena doesn’t appear to work. do you have the link?

Is that u want?
The F arena is 120 at most.