[Poll Closed] Need your feedback on the upcoming UI changes


pqe699. Love the game. Maybe add alittle offline rewards.


Did anyone got the 500 crystals ?

I edited my original post & added my game ID much later & never got it.


I like the update. The buttons in the pet section are too sensitive.
ID: b9k9p6


Too many AD
The power of Characters not balance

ID ryqv5


Nope, we haven’t sent them out yet.


I like how the design changed. I think it’s good to add some tasks in a daily quests and move fit tasks to the homepage.
Thanks for this game!
My ID is z8vpdv


Love your game.


Re ads in contrast to some other opinions, I think they are well placed into this game because it is not required to view any. They just add extra things if you do view. Thanks for not forcing!

One set of ads should be banned if possible (scam keto supplements) but I understand if you may not have control over ad providers.


Seriously. And I say this as someone who watches every ad just to get all the stuff! :crazy_face:

I find it far more annoying to have ads pop up that require me to watch them before I can proceed.

There’s a jigsaw puzzle game that only requires me to watch one ad at the beginning of every puzzle. Just one ad! And yet it’s still annoying. This game lets me watch the ads on my terms. It’s better for everyone. Heck, I even pay attention to some of the ads here. Sometimes.

The puzzle game also has banner ads right next to the puzzle piece tray. Never see any of those ads until my finger veers a bit outside the border (too focused on playing). Then blamo! Here’s the extra pop up ad that I apparently just requested! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:!!!

There’s a phrase I remind myself to think that puts it all in perspective though.

First world problems!

Playing a free game and complaining Is not at all like going hungry, or not having clean running water, or being cold due to lack of shelter, or being in a trench pinned down by machine gun fire in a world war. So, maybe I should be a bit more thankful! :thinking:

I am definitely thankful for this game. It’s motivating me to walk a lot more, which is a very good thing. And I put my money where my mouth is. I’ve spent quite a bit on this free game, at least somewhat out of gratitude. :slightly_smiling_face:


Inventory management is challenging. What I would love to see is some way to indicate if you already have a character with an item equipped and it is a duplicate in your inventory. Since that seems like a larger redesign, I would absolutely settle for the ability to delete an item on the screen where you equip / replace a character’s equipment.

ID: 2ggdjb


I love this game, but as one user said, it’s not really fair that we have to use crystals to pay for the previous days…or minutes. Other than that, there’s not much I’d change…it’s pretty cool as it is.


My biggest wish for the guild is that after I check in I don’t have to check back in at the end of the day to get the rewards for everyone who’s checked in after me. It is frustrating because I know we get to the max number of people checking in for the rewards but often I only get the first level because of when I do it and can’t always log in at the end of the day to get the others. Which they probably wait until later to check in for the same reason on wanting to get all the rewards. I don’t think it’s a hard switch but it would help a lot.

I also submitted a vote but if course this option wasn’t on there.b


You are not the first to bring this up. It currently rewards procrastination. The longer one waits to collect the rewards, the better the rewards tend to be.

I can remember a time when only 29 out of 30 had checked in. I spent the last 5 minutes before the deadline staring at the collect rewards button in hopes that a 30th would check in. No such luck. Felt like a waste of my time. In my time zone, the deadline is 5pm. Not a convenient time to be waiting! It could be worse, of course. Could be the middle of the night for those with a day job!

No other part of the game requires us to be present at a specific moment in time to collect a reward. Even the fit rewards mostly give you at least a 2-hour window.

By the way, none of this really applies to an active level 7 guild. Mine has 38 members. The maximum reward tops out at 30 check-ins. We hit that quite a few hours ago, and there’s still more than 4 hours to the deadline. Doesn’t really seem all that fair.

Once again, I wish to offer a solution. I can’t remember who first suggested it, but here goes. If you check-in at any point in the day, then all the rewards should be mailed to you after the deadline. They are check-in rewards and you checked-in. That’s how the arena daily rewards work. If I play in the arena at any point in the day, then after the deadline a daily reward is mailed to me for participating. Same thing.


Hi, can you please double check your id as the id consists of 6 chars.


Hi, can you please double check your id as it should consist 6 chars.


@Peggy_Love, @Samuel_Mabry, @Romeo_Green, @roXstar, @Tribble can I please grab your game ids?


Hi guys, I’ve sent 500 crystals to all the short ids, please let me know if I miss anyone.


rx658n It’s my ID sorry I didn’t add it earlier. B



With the fitpoints thing it feels more like a regular clicker game … Which I hate and less like a pedometer game to motivate me to walk… Which is the reason why i play.

I want the game to reward me mostly for walking. Not just for clicking on stuff.


game I’d: roXstar

Game is great, but like a previous player mentioned I don’t agree w/paying for gems for the previous days… other than that, I enjoy this game as it really motivates me to walk.