[Poll Closed] Need your feedback on the upcoming UI changes

Hi guys,

We’ve been analyzing the tracking data and decided to further optimize the UI in the next update. We would love to gather your feedback on the following areas. Please choose 3 which matter the most to you. We are really appreciated your time and would like to send 500 crystals to each participant. Please leave your game id at the end of the post.

  • Enlarge the Fit Tower on the homepage and add Fit-Pt progress on the tower
  • Able to collect Fit Chest directly on the homepage
  • Able to claim Fit Daily Quest on the Daily Quest section
  • Able to collect past day’s rewards on the homepage (like clicking the arrow in the previous version)
  • Rollback the Fit-Pt design (i.e earn Fit Chest with step count instead of Fit-Pt)

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If you have any other suggestions, please let us know.

Thank you!

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To explain my votes:

  • Would like all the daily and fitness quests together so I don’t forget to do any (not that I have forgotten).
  • Would like all the chests to be directly tied to walking again (since it is a walking game).
  • Unlike some perhaps, I don’t care if the chests are directly on the homepage (since I collect them all at once after I’ve already walked 10k+ steps).
  • Would like to collect rewards for previous day’s steps, but don’t need this feature on the homepage (since it’s not something I would do more than once per day).
  • Mostly indifferent to size of fit tower on homepage, although bigger would be nice (even with the rollback to steps, since it would showcase steps as important for a walking game).

I do not have strong opinions on any of this though. :thinking:


I agree with Rhandar .

Addionally, I would fix the arrows location on the Pet screen. We keep exiting the window while browsing quickly Pets and it’s quite annoying for the people that farms pet fragments on a daily basis.

Also, revamp contributions from guild :

Arena : Can you start Rotating Different class outfits in the Arena (anything else than warlock) ? I’ve finished 2nd place in my last 4 seasons.
I’m trying to drop ranks to get darker shade lol :joy:

Another point that I would like to bring up is the gameplay speed in adventure mode for non SuperPass subscribers. I’m using 2 devices & I turned the X2 speed off by accident and it is painfully slow on my iphone 6.

Honestly, you are probably losing a lot of new users that are trying the game for the first time. Not sure, if it was faster prior update but boosting X1.5 speed for normal users and x3 speed for superpass subscribers would certainly help the game grow. (personally, i completed all 3 x adventures chapters & I strictly loot so it doesn’t affect me)

I also believe that the SuperPass should remove all 30 seconds advertising. I don’t mind the 5 secs Ones.

Game ID : pq9vw4 (main account)
Game ID : d5w729 (alt account)


We do and it is.

Yes, please! 38 players in our very active guild now. 38 names to write down each day. 38 estimates on whether each player checked-in and if they contributed extra. A heavy contributor can miss multiple check-ins in a row without getting kicked but a bare minimum contributor cannot. Only way to be mostly sure is to look at the guild list many times per day and take notes, since guild coins earned in a day can be spent nearly instantly in the guild store. I rarely have absolute proof though, and that bothers me.

Then there are guild promotions to co-leader and elite. I’d like to give it to players who are the most valuable to the guild. That means both strong in the arena but even more importantly also contribute heaviest to the guild each day (by using super check-ins and/or buying lottery tickets). The former is easy to verify but the latter is much harder (see previous paragraph).

The current state of tracking guild contributions is like replacing a car’s odometer with tire heat sensors. You can still guess how far the car has moved if you pay close attention, but it’s very difficult and not very accurate! :crazy_face:

I clearly do have a stronger opinion on this. Half tempted to take a picture of my coffee table right now (would show a pile of guild contribution notes that keeps piling up).

P.S. One reason it is easier to potentially forget to do all the daily fitness quests is because the red dot on the Fit Tower is unreliable. As seen here, should have let me know it was time to stand up:

image image


Newbie here: I think this is my game id. ym5xyn

Game quite fun, and very motivating. Progress has stalled, and beginning to feel like another grind-feast. Will keep on for a week.

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ID: r4y7qk

I would like to see more characters available for purchase via the guild. And I haven’t been able to use my outfit points in a long time. More cards please.

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Love the game but I agree with Alex about moving the arrow in the pet screens as i keep going out of the screen rather than progressing to the next pet.:slightly_smiling_face:

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would there be any way to add Workout numbers or Calorie Count to the Fit-Pt? For those of us that lift weights and jog? I think that would be a good addition.


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Pet screen is much better since the latest update. On my devices, this issue has been fixed. :slightly_smiling_face:

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My ID: xm7e3b
Hope the game more interesting!

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ID kk8wbe
I also think it is very easy to exit any window where you have to choose a tab on the bottom of the screen (i.e. Pets, market). I keep trying to scroll or choose a tab but slightly misclick, which then exits that page.
Thank you for all of your hard work with this game!


Yeah, the market gets me too. Thought it might just be me.

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Thanks heaps for the update.

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Game I’d is q995j9.

I didn’t like the update at first but now I think it’s much better.

The only huge complaint I have is that when you scroll forward through the pets it takes you out of the window if you don’t hit the right point.


~ Edit after getting the current update ~

ID: vb26x5

Would still like to see:

  • Guild contribution showing total Pink Points contributed (not the green ones, as that’s a spendable currency)

Looking forward to the update :slight_smile:

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id: 7wvxp9

Thanks for the update and the opportunity to provide feedback.

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ID: 944ee7

I like the UI changes made so far. However, I would like to be able to view and turn in the daily “Complete stage #-# (difficulty)” quests from the actual world map instead of needing to open quests > turn in > view new quest > move to new place. That may not be we’ll explained, but I just think that process could use a bit of streamlining.

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My player ID is 57wpny. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This game is great. Keep it up with all the great content. Gamer ID is g98ep6

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Love the game. I’d really be fine either way regarding the changes. Would somewhat prefer steps to the current system. With steps I had to push myself to 10,000 steps to get all the chests, currently I have all the chests by about 7,500 steps or so.

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