[Poll Closed] Need your feedback on the upcoming UI changes


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  1. Fix scroll arrows on pet and hero screens
  2. Fix guild contribution to reflect cumulative contribution Or rank members on how much they walk.
  3. Give guild members a way to communicate with each other. So we can encourage each other to walk more!
  4. There are too many adds for those who pay for monthly subscription. I think we should at least get all the fit quest rewards without having to watch ads.
  5. I think it would be great if there was a daily (or weekly) challenge that you could only enter if you had certain character combinations. Example: Monday challenge - you must have 2 warriors 1 priest and 1 mage. Tuesday challenge - you must have 2 priests and 2 knights. Wednesday challenge - you must have 3 mages and 1 warlock. Etc. this would encourage a “gotta catch em all” philosophy of playing. Really any reason to encourage players to collect all the characters would really expand on the game.
  6. If you make new characters include other ethnicities. You’re smart enough to figure out how to do color combinations that work.


57gmj3 Just found this game a week ago and I’m loving it!


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The only thing I thought was important was being able to collect past rewards on the homepage instead of digging around for them. Personally I’d like to see more diverse characters & more outfits. I think those are more important than more UI tweaks.


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This Game is awesome. I walk more steps than usual :slight_smile:


Keep up the good work!! I did like the old ui with the arrows to switch between days, other than that it’s all great!!

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Love the game, keep it up



Please fix the pet arrow as mentioned many times above.

Make it a walking game again, add a chest for 5000 steps.



I like that we get fit points from the daily fit quests as it offers another way to earn chests other than walking.

I like the idea of getting the chests on the home page. Makes it easier.

Also like the previous way of collecting the previous day’s rewards.

My code is 8x5m37

Thanks for making such a fun game!


Many people are still complaining about the pet arrows. Maybe I’m imagining things, but it seems much better to me.

It makes me wonder if everyone has the latest update.

I bring it up because I use an iPhone and iPad and had to seek this update out. It did not show that it needed updating (with a red notification marker). It did not list it as an app that needed updating in the App Store. I actually had to go to purchases, click on the game, and then click on the update button.

Even after I did this, as seen here, it still doesn’t show that it was updated recently.

There are 4 apps in the list, but this game is not there. And yet, I know for a fact that it has been updated recently. I just updated it within the last 24 hours. It probably would not be updated had I not been reading the forums. That’s what prompted me to seek the update out. :thinking:


Good game, but I think it needs some major updates. There’s a lot going on to keep track of, but very hard to manage all of it. Maybe it just needs a little more focus. Still, I’m having fun!

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I agree with what everyone above was suggesting. I would also say that I feel the walking aspect is a little lost now. There should be more incentives to get moving and to get more than 10000 steps too.



The only thing that annoys me is that use back function from Android doesn’t work in all screens, like the tower. This makes a break of use to who use gesture in Android.


Also, notifications doesn’t work. I use Android Pie in Pocophone F1


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I agree with lots of what’s been said. Mostly it’s decent, with just a few glitchy buttons and whatnot. But there is one thing I hate kind of a lot:

Needing to pay crystals for any steps you didn’t claim the day before.

I partly get it. It’s an incentive to get people to open the app every day, and that makes sense. But this particular way of doing it is super frustrating for these reasons.

  1. because there is literally no way to always get all of your stuff without having to pay, unless using this app is the last thing you do every single night. And that’s just unrealistic.

Even if I totally intend to check it one last time at 11:59, life happens, and suddenly it’s 12:01, and then instead of having fun with a cool app, I’m angry that I missed it by 2 minutes and can’t grab the points/prizes at all if I don’t have crystals.

  1. Whether or not I check the app multiple times a day, I still earned those points/prizes. Making me pay for them just because I was a minute late in redeeming them feels like a bit of a rip off. It’s not like I’m claiming stuff that would’ve been just free anyway. I had to put the work in, and isn’t that the whole point of the app?

  2. I like that there are so many cool new ways to use crystals, but there aren’t enough ways to get significant amounts of crystals for them to be very sustainable. I’ve found myself choosing way fewer prize boxes than I used to because now they cost more and I have to spend the crystals buying back my own earned steps.

I’m essentially paying crystals in order to pay crystals to open a second or third box. That honestly makes me so much less interested in getting high step counts, because I get nothing extra out of it anyway. So why bother? Who cares if there are 4 to choose from at a higher level if I still only get to open one?

Adding some quests or ads or something that gives you more than 10 crystals at a time would help this problem a lot. I’d be able to actually take advantage of all the ways we can use them now.

But even if that was already taken care of, it still feels silly to have to pay for prizes that I a) already earned through work, and b) have to pay for again just to access anyway.


ID:xm3g3e Love this game.


My ID for reward is mvvqbg


I love this game! Thought only Pokemon Go was doing this


Hi there! I’m an experienced player, and love the game. Don’t like how long seasons are tho.
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Edited my previous post - I finally got the current update (on iOS) and the arrow buttons are indeed better!

As for Fit-points… I play the game to get myself to take more steps. That’s the goal, so I liked it better when there was a reward chest for 10k. That being said, I like the text in the fit quests and of course I enjoy the extra stamina/energy from them.