Guild contributions ranking

Hi All,

I believe that the contribution ranking in a Guild should be based on actual contributions (purple icon / cummulated lifetime) rather than showing the current guild currency balance (grey icon) .

For example, If A guild member manages to save up 3.3k of guild currency and spends it on a hero or simply constantly enjoys spending on pet fragment .

They should not be penalized by going to the bottom of the guild ranking .

Player with low balance are way more prone to be kicked out of a guild if they disappear for 1-2 days.

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I almost dragged up an old post on this topic today, so I’m really glad you brought it up.

Agree 100%. Really, really, really want a change here.

The current system makes it very difficult to prove that a member hasn’t checked in, so I end up having to to monitor constantly and take screenshots. Even then, it is hard. It is not a task that I enjoy doing, especially since I end up writing every player down on paper and checking them off as they seemingly check in.

If a player does a super check-in but then instantly spends that entire contribution in the guild shop then there’s a possibility that I’ll be tricked into kicking them unjustly. Yikes.

So, I have to also rely on the last seen statistic in an attempt to verify what I’m seeing.

Just today, had a player who normally contributes heavy seemingly not check-in at all. Giving that player the benefit of the doubt, for multiple reasons.

If it was just me, I might not care so much. However, there’s a real person on the other end of each kick decision. There’s also a guild full of members looking for me to do what’s best for our very active guild.

On the last server, I was actually tricked into quitting a guild. Why should I stay when the leader contributes so little? Didn’t realize that the points would fall as they were spent. Assumed it was a lifetime contribution. Roles are now reversed. I’m now the leader who appears to contribute so little, even as I continuously contribute heavily.

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Excellent feedback & input ! Thanks for sharing your thoughts . It should be fairly easy to change the field or add a column (i doubt it will be retroactive but even if we all starts at 0 it would be a good reference for guild leaders)

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Absolutely! Would not bother me in the slightest if it started at 0.

As a shameless ploy to see this feature added, I would point out to the developers that most people would probably contribute a bit more if they could see their contributions rewarded by moving them higher in the list. Extra contributions cost crystals. Extra crystals cost real money. Real money helps support the game. Better support for the game means more features over the long-term for those of us who love the game. Virtuous cycle. Just sayin’. Shamelessly. :wink:

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Thank you all for your feedback. We’ll see what we can do about this.

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I know there’s not much screen real estate on a phone, so I would still need to take screenshots if all you change is the data in the contribution column to reflect total guild points contributed.

It would still be a huge improvement for everyone though, and it would still make it much better for leaders of active guilds to make more informed kick decisions. The solution that @Alex_ck proposes seems optimal to me, given the constraints. :+1:

(The last seen column is too useful to remove to make space for this change, in my opinion.)