New Super Pass subscription

Hi All,

In version 1.2.6, we’ve changed SuperPass to a subscription model. Some of the benefits are:

  1. You can now carry the SuperPass to a different server, please note that the daily reward will ONLY be sent to the latest active account.
  • For example, a player plays on server Fit Tower then decided to play on their Fit Land account, they will still be able to access the premium features on Fit Land, however, the next day’s daily reward will be sent only to Fit Land’s account.
  1. If you are an old SuperPass owner, the SuperPass will function as usual until the 30-day period ends. Then you can purchase the new SuperPass and you will receive the 600-crystal purchase reward again.

  2. For all new players, the new SuperPass offers a 3-day free trial. You’ll need to cancel your subscription if you decide not to use it before the trial ends.

Any problems please let us know!



I like the subscription plan better. Then I won’t forget to renew each month. Thanks!


So only one payment per month? Sounds good :relieved: