1x Fitbit integration on various servers?

Hello all,

Is it considered cheating or will it create a problem if I map my fitbit account to more than 1 server ?

I want to create a alt on a separate server to test different characters.

Also is there a risk of losing data when we switch server ? Not sure if the game is really built for that purpose.


You can play on as many servers as you like, but if you subscribe to the Super Pass then you should read this:

There was a bug a long time ago that showed up when switching servers but it was fixed. You should be okay to switch as much as you like now, although I can’t seem to find the courage to try it. :grimacing:

In theory, even if you do have problems, they are really good about making things right though.

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Thanks for the input !

Some additional notes :

  • Fitbit can be sync to only one server with a 8 hours cooldown.

  • Superpass can’t be active on 2 servers simultaneously. It needs to be restored each time.

It’s pretty inconvenient. I’ll stick to one server :expressionless: