SuperPass question (2 servers)

I activated the SuperPass 3 days ago.

It was very easy to do and activated immediately. So that was great! :star_struck:

My questions comes from the fact I play on 2 servers.
I got the SuperPass (SP) on main account. When I switched to the old server I noticed I had no SP on it. Alright, slightly disappointed but maybe that’s how it works.
But last night I discovered by chance that if you tab out&back to the app, the SP subscription gets transferred to current server. The resources are received only once (server it’s on at midnight maybe?) but it can be moved back and forth to use speed-up and magnet.

Is this how it is supposed to work, that you move the Pass back and forth? Or is that a bug and I should stop doing it?

Have no fear, your SuperPass answers are here. :crazy_face:

Oh, didn’t see that post. So I can safely keep doing that, that’s great! Thanks Rhandar :slight_smile:

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HELP!!! I’m on the TestFlight Beta but I got the mega pass… but I’m not sure I’m getting it. How can I find out?

Hi @roXstar, you cannot purchase on TestFlight. The purchase won’t take any effect, and you won’t get charged either.

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I am unable to use my Super Pass subscription when switching to another server. I understand I only get the daily reward in the active game, but all other benefits should be available, correct?

Yes, that’s correct Karen, you should get the other benefits on other servers.

My SuperPass now activates when I switch servers, when it didn’t I switched out of the game to some other phone app (like chrome) and when I tab back it pops up saying my SuperPass was transferred to this server. Until it’s fixed, maybe this work-around works for you too. (I’m on iOS)

Hey FitAari, I’m having the same issue now but I have an Android. Know any ways I can start getting the daily reward on both servers? I tried opening another app but it still didn’t work

Hi @JaxCorboys, you can only receive the daily reward on the server you played most recently. You get the other benefits across all servers.

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