Lost Soles guild members


Hi guildies!! :smile:

I thought I would advertise this post made a while ago by the guild’s creator. Although some points are now a little outdated, it certainly helped me out when I first joined Lost Soles!

Happy stepping!


I think it’s also MEGA important to message either myself or @Rocky7 if you are unable to play for any reason!

That way we know to keep your spot in the guild if we know that you will be returning when you are able to :blush:


Handy to know how it’s viewed by you guys. I’ve switched to&from quite a few since getting booted while the iOS app was locked out. So I’d like to add that leaders should check there aren’t any major issues like this going on before booting people. However happy where I am now in your active guild. My approach is to always super check in, as disability often prevents me buying lottery tickets! I do sometimes get there though, and have managed to get one today :grin:


Definitely! And I am trying to be mindful of this because I was in the situation where I was removed bc of a game-breaking bug and I couldn’t get a hold of the leader.

It can be hard if either @Rocky7 don’t have a way of knowing how to reach a member, so it helps us out tremendously when members post here with their in-game name or by sending us a message


I know it’s late but…
Hello everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:


Can’t… Log… In… To my old account!!! Have re installing the app all day yesterday… Done the tutorial over and over again!!! Send pv to @marcwhatshisname… So sorry guild members :pray::sob:


No problem emmi, thanks for letting us know!

You’re looking for @marspark ! :wink:


@Emmi88 did you send me an email? I’ve just replied to that. Thank you for reaching out!


Zupatta here. Or nevetS depending upon the day. Happy I found the game! Glad to be a member of the lost soles! Walking for the health of it!