How Not to Get Kicked from an Active Guild

The Lost Soles guild has kicked 110 players since the Power Tablet server was launched. I don’t enjoy kicking people. Know that it isn’t personal. (The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. :vulcan_salute::grimacing:)

This advice mostly applies to our guild, but may be helpful for any active guild member.

  1. If you leave a guild and join another, you won’t be able to check-in for 24 hours. Active guild leaders should know this and give you a safety margin. However, do not abuse this margin by not playing the game at all for those first 24 hours. Does not inspire confidence that you will be an active member.
  2. If you always contribute the bare minimum by using the free check-in option (never doing super check-ins and never buying lottery tickets), then make sure you check-in every single day. That’s especially true if you haven’t built up a history of reliable check-ins.
  3. If you can’t check-in everyday, then try to contribute extra on days you can. You become more valuable and guild leaders will be more reluctant to kick you.
  4. Don’t constantly wait until the last possible second to check-in. If everyone did that, then very few would be able to claim any rewards. The sooner you check-in the better it is for every other guild member.
  5. If you miss a check-in, then check-in as soon as you can. Don’t wait until you normally would. I’ve never kicked anyone right after they’ve checked in. A successful check-in will save you.
  6. Don’t assume that if you don’t get kicked right away that you are safe. There may be a kick list and you may still be on it. I might, based on your check-in history, be giving you extra hours to check-in, but maybe not a full day.
  7. If you contribute very heavy by doing lots of super check-ins and regularly buying lots of lottery tickets, you become nearly kick-proof. That’s true even if you miss a lot of check-ins.
  8. There’s always luck. On days when there are many who don’t check-in, there is definitely a kick list. It is prioritized. I only kick one or two at a time though, in hopes that some will check-in and be removed from the list. There’s no advantage in kicking many at once, since an empty slot cannot check-in and new members might not be able to check-in for a full day (see #1). I am therefore very reluctant to kick anyone when there are empty slots. So, when all else fails, maybe you’ll get lucky and empty slots will be slow to fill? :grimacing:
  9. If you know in advance that you won’t be able to check-in, try to let your guild leader know. One way to do it is by posting on this forum. I can’t speak for other leaders, but I pretty much read everything. If you let me know and you’ve been a good contributor, then you’ll definitely get a few extra days (or even more).
  10. And lastly, participate in this forum. It can’t hurt. Might show you are more likely to play over the long-term, which also makes you more valuable to guilds. Because deep down, no sane guild leader should enjoy kicking their own members out. So, the longer it takes, the better. :slightly_smiling_face:
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