Lost Soles guild members

Hello to all the guildies that are on the forum! :smiley:

As of this post we’re ranked as :sparkler: #1 :sparkler: guild!
:sparkles: Hooray! :balloon: Great job everyone, stepping up to the challenge! :wink:

Would love to know what guild members are on here. Please write a reply if you read this, so others know you’re on the forum and they can reach you. Also your ingame name, if it’s different. Thank you! And keep the check-ins rolling! :star_struck: :sunglasses:


Peanut both here and in-game! Happy to be a part of this wonderful group :blush:

Has been a great journey seeing the team climb up the ranks and continue to move forward in the #1 spot!

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Same! Nice!! Shay here. Nice to meet you :slight_smile: it won’t let me check in for 24 hrs -/

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No problem @Shay , seems to always do that after you join a guild.

Welcome, and enjoy being part of the team! :tada:

Welcome Shay :slight_smile:

Maybe we can also announce here if we don’t have game access for a day or two^^

Hello, Gwendyl here, glad to have joined the guild and thank you to everyone for checking in and all the great rewards! :grin:

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Hey there, fellow Lost Solers! :blush: Shmee here (same in-game name). I’m not so active on the forum, but it’s nice to have a dedicated thread for our guild.

Thanks to @Peanut and @FitAari–and to our once-upon-a-time former fearless leader Rhandar, who has gone off the grid to become a sheep herder in Tuscany (this may or may not be true, but I can think of no better reason why he would abandon us :joy:)–for maintaining our guild so more active players have a reliable way to contribute, help out others and collect more rewards together.

Happy stepping! :hatched_chick:


Hi FitAari!

Glad to have joined this guilt! Thanks for welcoming me!

I have no access to my account since yesterday. I have asked for help from Mars. Just wanted to let you know. Hope I can still stick around!

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Oh :open_mouth: Hope it’s fixed and you can get back soon!

It’s good that you announced, but not sure which is your character. What’s your in-game name? :blush:

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It is fixed now, thanks to Mars!

My in-game name is Annif3.
The guilt is full at the moment. I will try again later.


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2 weeks after I startede fitness rpg a spot opened up in your guild and I crossed everything hoping I would make it to become a member and so I did!! The 2 weeks before that I was in a guild with lots of members but 0 activity… And for me it just helps motivate me to know that your all in it for the same discipline and engagement. Tjlhanks for letting me joining

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Was able to re-join this am! Happy to be part of this guild! :grin:.

Happy walking to all the members!

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SOS so my phone broke and are getting repaired, tried to login on the borrowed phone but can’t get in to my account :frowning: my game name is melody, hope you don’t kick me out of the guild in the meantime… game absinthes!!


No problem, thanks for letting us know!

Thank you so much for replying and waiting :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

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Yay, just joined. You’d think the 3rd on the list wouldn’t have so many players not logged in for weeks! So happy to join what seems to be an active guild. Just can’t check in till tomorrow :confounded:. Looking forwards to boosting the group points from then on… :blush:


Hey there, thanks for joining the team!! We try to keep ourselves as active as we can :blush:

Happy stepping!

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Hi. Patchy here. Just found this forum while looking for a solution to ads not playing in my game. I was happy to find it. Good walking!


New phone and no game :angry::angry::angry::angry: it’s not showing up in Google play :gun:

You can download it here while it’s not on the play store: https://m.apkpure.com/fitness-rpg-gamify-your-pedometer/com.shikudo.fitrpg.google/download-apk-info