Lost Soles guild members


Hello to all the guildies that are on the forum! :smiley:

As of this post we’re ranked as :sparkler: #1 :sparkler: guild!
:sparkles: Hooray! :balloon: Great job everyone, stepping up to the challenge! :wink:

Would love to know what guild members are on here. Please write a reply if you read this, so others know you’re on the forum and they can reach you. Also your ingame name, if it’s different. Thank you! And keep the check-ins rolling! :star_struck: :sunglasses:


Peanut both here and in-game! Happy to be a part of this wonderful group :blush:

Has been a great journey seeing the team climb up the ranks and continue to move forward in the #1 spot!


Same! Nice!! Shay here. Nice to meet you :slight_smile: it won’t let me check in for 24 hrs -/


No problem @Shay , seems to always do that after you join a guild.

Welcome, and enjoy being part of the team! :tada:


Welcome Shay :slight_smile:

Maybe we can also announce here if we don’t have game access for a day or two^^


Hello, Gwendyl here, glad to have joined the guild and thank you to everyone for checking in and all the great rewards! :grin:


Hey there, fellow Lost Solers! :blush: Shmee here (same in-game name). I’m not so active on the forum, but it’s nice to have a dedicated thread for our guild.

Thanks to @Peanut and @FitAari–and to our once-upon-a-time former fearless leader Rhandar, who has gone off the grid to become a sheep herder in Tuscany (this may or may not be true, but I can think of no better reason why he would abandon us :joy:)–for maintaining our guild so more active players have a reliable way to contribute, help out others and collect more rewards together.

Happy stepping! :hatched_chick:


Hi FitAari!

Glad to have joined this guilt! Thanks for welcoming me!

I have no access to my account since yesterday. I have asked for help from Mars. Just wanted to let you know. Hope I can still stick around!


Oh :open_mouth: Hope it’s fixed and you can get back soon!

It’s good that you announced, but not sure which is your character. What’s your in-game name? :blush:



It is fixed now, thanks to Mars!

My in-game name is Annif3.
The guilt is full at the moment. I will try again later.



2 weeks after I startede fitness rpg a spot opened up in your guild and I crossed everything hoping I would make it to become a member and so I did!! The 2 weeks before that I was in a guild with lots of members but 0 activity… And for me it just helps motivate me to know that your all in it for the same discipline and engagement. Tjlhanks for letting me joining


Was able to re-join this am! Happy to be part of this guild! :grin:.

Happy walking to all the members!