Lost Soles guild members


Lost Soles has just been upgraded to level 16!
Great work everyone :partying_face:


Not again… :wink: congrats on the lottery win Rocky!! :partying_face:


Happy to contribute!


Between me and the dog we’ve managed to delete everything!! I’ve checked in today already, but just in case it takes a few days to get restored :triumph::sob:


Thanks for letting us know! Hope it all gets sorted for you soon :slight_smile:


Fingers crossed, I got a clarification query, so probably be another day at least now


Normal service has been resumed :slight_smile: @marspark is a star :dizzy:


Our guild is almost 3rd place in the multi server guilds ladder. Keep doing super check-ins and lottery and we will be there in no time!


We are now at level 17! :clap:
Just a little bit more to 3rd place :ok_hand: