How to share? ...

Ok, so I get to this screen…

What do I press next to actually share the image?!?

Hi baileymb124,

There should be a prompt asking you to share the image. Can I grab your game ID to further investigate?



Thanks for checking into this… I really want the bonus for the weekly achievements. Lol

Hi marspark, I’m experiencing the same issue as baileymb124. My game ID is below


Hi guys @baileymb124, @klawth

Can you guys please check if you have authorized at least 1 tracker to track your steps?


My phone is authorized to track my steps. I can confirm it’s status is connected.

Yes. I am connected to fitbit and it regularly syncs my steps correctly.


I am also having the same issue. My game ID is FntpdHqxd. My account is tied to the fitness tracker on my phone, and I’ve already tried reinstalling, but nothing works

Hi guys,

We have submitted an update on this issue. V2.4.6 is now available in Google Play, however we are still waiting for it to be approved in Apple App Store. We will follow up with Kongregate on this to make sure it get online ASAP.

Thank you for your patience!

Has it gone through the Android app store yet? I’m running on Android, not Apple.

Hasn’t shown up in my Google Play store yet either…

I missed the weekly achievement bonus for getting all of them.:disappointed_relieved:

Hi marspark, I’m on v2.4.6 and the share function is still broken. Clicking share does not bring up the share context menu.

Which Android phone do you have and which Android version are you on? Can you share before 2.4.0?

I’m a new player to Pocket Plants. I started playing 1-2 months ago so I’m unsure if I played 2.4.0. I can confirm that in the time I’ve played Pocket Plants the share function has never worked for me. I have the Pixel 1 running Android 8.1.0.

Thank you @klawth for the reply.

We are investigating the issue further. If we still can’t find a fix soon, we will temporarily remove the ‘share’ feature and task.

Will get back on this soon.


Thanks - just commenting so that I can hear more about this issue as it unfolds.

I’m on version 2.4.6 using a Nexus 5X. I’ve always been able to share until about a week or two ago.

Update: I am still unable to share and am going to miss the second Weekly Bonus for missing the share achievement.

Yes - will this be fixed or removed?

Hi everyone,

We are having some delays in our updates. The stores are still reviewing our last submission and the new update has wait for that to go through first. We will closely follow up the situation and will provide you news on this.