Repeatedly losing amethysts bought with steps

My username is vP-jVYyj@.
About 20 minutes ago, I bought 13 amethysts with 1000 steps. The next time I started the program they were gone, but I thought I might have forgotten, so I went ahead and bought them again; the next time I restarted, they were gone again, and now I am below 1000 steps so I can’t buy them anymore.

Is there any way to get my 26 amethysts back?

I am also losing “energy” (lightning bolts?) for no apparent reason. Here are screenshots taken a few seconds apart from when I closed and reopened the game - note that my energy total has dropped from 927k to 919k…

Can anyone assist with this problem? I’m pretty frustrated because I bought an amethyst tree yesterday, but I would be hesitant to buy anything if lost data isn’t going to be restored.
I have started manually saving whenever I close, but I would still like to get those 26 amethysts back if at all possible…

Thank you for your patience. We are investigating the issue at the moment. Has the issue returned after you started manually saving the game? We’ve sent the amethyst to your account. Please go to game message page to claim it.

Thank you!

The issue seems to have mostly disappeared if I save the game a lot.

However, I have completed all the other weekly quest but can’t figure out how to complete the “Share Pocket Plants” one. I have connected FB to the app, but when I follow the instructions in the hint, I just get to this screen - and it doesn’t seem like tapping anywhere on it has any effect…

Thank you very much!


Are you on Android or iOS? We are aware of the issue and have patched fixes in v2.4.6 to fix the issues. V2.4.6 is currently available in Google Play, and we are still waiting for the update to be approved by Apple App Store, this should take about a week.


I am on Android, and I just visited the app in the Play store - there don’t appear to be any updates available. Is there any way to fix it today, so I can get the full weekly reward and the 10 rubies?

Hi - can you help? I’m having this problem again this week, and it’s pretty frustrating.

Sorry for the late reply. Please refer to the post for details.

Hi meachuzz,

The update is now live. Please let me know if the super plant piece issue still exist.

Thank you!

Hi - I’m not sure what in this thread you’re responding to…? The issue I had was with sharing, which I still can’t do. (I’ve checked that the update was installed.) Thank you!

Sorry for the mixed up. We also patched the sharing issue in the new update. Could you check in game settings > About us > Credits and see which version you’ve got right now? It should be v2.4.12 for iOS. Thanks!

I’m on Android. I have that version and I still don’t seem to be able to share, unfortunately. Thanks for checking!

Thank you for the feedback. We are looking into the issue and will fix it soon.