How to share? ...

The share feature is still non-functional on V 2.4.12

Sorry guys, we are investigating the update now.

The share feature is still non-functional on V 2.4.14

This has now cost us 3 weekly bonuses. :cry:

4 weekly bonuses. :cry:

Hi everyone,

If you are still having the sharing issue in the latest update (Android v2.4.14, iOS v2.4.12), could you try the following?
Connect the game with a Kongregate account > manually save the game in the game settings > uninstall > reinstall

Please let me know if this still doesn’t resolve the sharing problem. Could you also leave your game IDs in your reply? I will send over some rubies to compensate the troubles caused.


Hi @marspark,

I connected my game to Kongregate and Google Play. I cleared all data and uninstalled the game. I reinstalled and reconnected to both accounts. Unfortunately this did not correct the sharing issue.

At first progress was lost but after subsequent logins all appears to be good.

Game ID: v3EAQWe$!

Pixel XL
Android 8.1.0
Pocket Plants V2.4.14


Thanks for sticking with us, Mars. I’m sure this is at least as frustrating on your end as it is ours.

I followed the directions. Connected to Kongregate (I was already, actually). Manually saved. Uninstalled. Reinstalled. … AND, no change; still no way to “finalize” the share.

Game ID: Mn5H3_sEp
Phone: Pixel 1
OS: Android 8.0.0
Pocket Plants Version 2.4.14

Thank you @klawth and @baileymb124! We are working to resolve the issue at the moment. The ruby compensation has been sent to your account, please go to game message page to claim them. :blush:

Hi @marspark,

Thank you for the ruby compensation. It’s extra efforts like that that make players feel valued.

Is there a status update on the sharing bug?



Hi klawth,

We’ve located the bug. It’s an Android 8.0 system related issue and it will be fixed in the next update. We are preparing the submission this week, this should take 2-3 weeks for Kongregate and both stores to process.