Archer or Warlock?

With 6 stars, warlock no longer has AOE any more, it can only attack one unit with his new skill.

In that case, is Archer a better choice than Warlock?

A 6 stats Archer can attack all units with his new skill, like a Mage.

So, can Archer do a good job in both pvp and pve?


The warlock can be useful in a build by using charm on a tank or doom on a backline mage. For reference these posts (keep in mind that they are from pre-archer introduction):

What is the best team composition for end game?

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Between the two, i believe the archer to be the better option for PVP for a few reasons:

  1. They have a better AOE as you said, working basically as the physical equivalent of the mage.

  2. The 6 star set bonus they have are physical attack and speed, while warlock is Physical attack and magic attack. The end game seems to be all about speed and who kills the other’s backline first, so speed has more value.

  3. Their equipment gives them magic resistance, which may help them survive one mage’s attack

PVE is more forgiving, so most reasonable compositions work just fine.