What is the best team composition for end game?

I see that all the high level players seem to have a warrior, a warlock, and 2 mages. Is this the best team composition?

Can a priest be better than a warrior? And I suppose my focus would be on pvp but storyline progression is important as well

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Hmmmm…look at the “creme de la creme” …3 very well equipped mages plus one other in arena battles (ps that’s not me …playing catch up :roll_eyes:) !

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End game is all about killing the Mages. There are few, if any, top line players with less than 2 Mages right now.

First, I will point out the skill sets that are used in the end game:

Mage: Arcane Blast (Arch Mage). Mostly because it is an extra attack that an hit the backline.
Mage: Arcane Barrage/Arcane Twister (Arcanist). Same thing. An extra backline killing attack.

Warrior: Last Stand (Berserker). Last stand ensures that the other team’s backline will not get to your backline with normal attacks until the 4th round. Pretty much all fights are functionally over by the 3rd round, so this is pretty big.

Warlock: Charm (Soul Priest). The warlock’s normal attack can only hit a backline character directly behind a frontline character. Charm gives the chance of hitting a different backline slot, and it can be used to turn a Last Stand Warrior against his own team, potentially turning the tide in a battle that was nearly lost.

Rogue: I will need some help on this one. I think players are using Survive (Bandit) or Furious Slash (Bandit) to get an extra backline hit. Rogues are capable of being deployed frontline.

Priest: Evocation (Philosopher). The special skill is not as important. It can be a game changer by causing all the Mages to fire off their special skills. The important thing to priest is Holy Shield with 5x Holy Armor, allowing the priest to shield two allys.

Knights: No one seems to be using knights. There might be a potential out there for sacrifice strategies.

The end game has a bit of metagame to it. Mages are the big firepower. Warriors protect backline mages. Warlocks take down warriors and kill mages. Priests protect mages but don’t kill much of anything. Rogues can take down anything, with more survivability than mages but less ability to hit multiple targets.

Right now, most are 1x Warrior in the front line and 3x Mage in the backline. The battle is all about cranking the speed attribute as high as possible on the mages so that they might fire off their special skills first and kill the other team’s backline. You still need a high enough magic attack to kill the other mages, and some teams are succeeding by going for a one shot instakill from arcane blast instead of speed. A team that can have the equipment for high speed and instakill magic attack is particularly deadly. 3x Time equipment including ring of time plus 3x Radiance equipment including ring of radiance is a build that can do this.

Another strategy is 1x Warrior front line and 2x Mage 1x Warlock backline. This is both easier to get a fully equipped team and the warlock can possibly take out the other team’s warrior with charm to turn the battle.

Third strategy has become less popular in recent weeks, 1x Warrior front line and 2x Mage 1x Priest backline. The idea is that the Priest can get down a holy shield to increase the survivability of the Mages past the critical first two rounds. The problem with this strategy is that the Priest has no backline attack, and so is functionally a wasted attack slot, and mages are getting strong enough to kill through a holy shield (and the warrior will take one of the shields since it is almost always lowest hit points by the time the slower priest casts). This strategy was also more effect when there were less first round kills, allowing Evocation to be more effective. The priest normally goes right behind the warrior because they are more likely to survive a warlock hit.

Fourth strategy is also becoming less popular: 1x Priest in the front line and 3x Mage in the backline. The idea of this strategy is that you keep the firepower of three mages, with a priest that can hit the backline and cast holy shield. Where this strategy has started faltering is that, as mage and warrior attacks both climb, priests don’t have enough HP to hold up the front line. As a result, the other team’s backline is throwing down normal backline attacks in round 2 and the battle falls apart quick.

Another strategy that is slightly more popular lately is 1x Warrior front line and 2x Mage 1x Warrior backline. The backline warrior is directly behind the frontline warrior. This nullifies warlocks pretty effectively, and functionally halves the effectiveness of mage special attacks, which can end up repeatedly doublehitting the warrior for no effect.

There are some other random strategies out there, like frontline mages to directly attack the other backline, putting a rogue+warrior in the front line with 2x mage backline (and I think taunt on the warrior), and a few other priest strategies.

I’m waiting for the first 4x mage team to show up with the guild shop mage…


Usefull informations. In your opinion, what should be the 3rd mage, arcanist or archmage?

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