[WIP] Progress loss and restoring


I have got a new phone and wish to load my old game. My android(old phone) name is Yn~rT$ArS my new game id is Fn4WdRqcW please can you transfer my data over. Thanks


It’s done, please login to retrieve your data.


help! lost all my data after reload!
old id: Y3VeXYyRW
new id: YPqU2~SQ9
Can you help transfer my data? thank you!


I lost all my game progress. I don’/ know my old ID. My old username is TYRA and my new ID is FP4BTuAJ_


HI @marspark, I’ve lost my progress because I uninstalled the app due to crashing, but I don’t have my old ID, my new one is FChz4fmu_, could you check it out for me, please?


Hi @marspark, has there been any luck?


I don’t remember my old ID, my username was market. New ID is M3Q2@u5eJ and username Techsaur.
My level was over 40… I really hope you can restore my data.


Old ID: MPqy$FX3F
Username: Julia Chaung
Last progress: level 66, 7 world, plant 137
(My husband can see my old progress from his game because we are friends in the game)
Please help, thank you!!


Hello, @marspark,
I’m Julia Chuang’s husband, and thanks for your previous friendly help to everyone who lost their data of your wonderful game.
The fact is, Julia has got a new mobile phone, and she actually could not remember her old account ID, thus she provided her new ID, which could be seen right now.
I did saw her old progress as friends in my game. Hope you may help her, thank you again!


Lost game data username: goobs


@marspark Hello! I returned to the game after a long while and also noticed my progress has been lost!

My previous ID with all the progress: v3QSd!Fc@ (username: Nife)
[Edit: had to start game on yet another ID]
Current empty ID: FP!M7an~F (username: Nife)

Attaching 2 latest screens I have from the game, showing I was at least level 41+ and aquired rare witch-saur. Although I made some more progress afterwards. Thank you in advance for your help!

(Edit: Started to play from zero on that new ID, so its no longer empty, but I would still like to get back my old progress or at least Witchsaur)


Sorry to bother you once more, after I saw you noticed my previous post from 2 weeks ago (with Witchsaur screenshots), but since that time I encountered a problem with my phone, which forced me to change my device! :disappointed_relieved:

And now I have yet again new ID: FP!M7an~F (username: Nife)

old ID with all the progress: v3QSd!Fc@ (username: Nife)

It would be amazing if you could restore my previous progress or at least unlock a Witchsaur for my new ID. Thank you in advance for your help!

(attaching Witchsaur screen just as a reminder)


Hi, @marspark,
old game id: YC4sMt@Tv
new game id:YC8Jd276v
I have already unlocked 4 worlds, but it seems that the account has saved the newest progress after I re-downloaded it instead of the original one, which means I have almost no progress now.
Please check ASAP. Thank you so much.