[WIP] Progress loss and restoring


I had been having problems with the Fitbit syncing to this game and was told if I continued having problems to uninstall and reinstall my game. Well I did and I lost all progress. I tried reconnecting eight Facebook and it didn’t work. Before I uninstalled the game I had been saving to the cloud except now it can’t find it. Please help!!


After your data gets reset to your new ID, I have an advice for the Fitbit glitch that put you in this pickle in the first place!

Next time Fitbit stops syncing to the game, exit the game completely, log in to Fitbit using a browser (not the app), and in your favor there’s an option to control which apps are linked to your account. Delete Pocket Plants, then log back into the game and attempt to connect to Fitbit again. It’ll pull you back to a browser window and ask if you’re sure you want to allow it, like it did when you very first connected, and hopefully once you’ve gone through those steps again it will work for you once more.

(I think I’ve had to do this twice.)


Awesome! Thanks for the advice!!


Hi @LittleCat,

Can you please let me know your game ID so I can try to restore your data?



I lost my progress, please help me find my data.

I don’t know the old ID, nickname is fega, in world 5, 91 normal and 26 super plants.

The new ID is M36~9~*_!



Hello, I’ve been playing for a while and it’s great :slight_smile: I was already at the music world, so it was great. The bad part is it got stuck at 91% again, and it happened other times but after I learned about uninstalling and then connect with my google play account to recover my process, it was no problem.

This time, though, I did the same as always but it did not recover the data, and lost all my process :cry: I was so close to finish that music world and I wish someone could help me with this issue. I was really excited, also, with the new updates, they are great.


Hi MariaJG,

Sorry to know you are having issues with the game. What’s your current ID? I’ll try to locate your previous data and transfer them over to your current account. Thank you!


Hello and thank you for answering so fast. I have my new and the last ID I had, so I’ll send them both, hopefully they’ll be useful :blush:

Here’s my old ID, the one with my game progress

And my new one,

Thank you, again :smile: it’s really a great and cute game :heart:


Hi MariaJG,

The progress has been transferred to the new ID. There is one thing with the transferred progress: as you have changed the ID, the account becomes a new account. This means your previous friends won’t be able to see you any more, unless you remove them from your current list, add them back and wait for them to accept the friend request. You might also like to add new friends using the ‘recommend’ feature in the friends section.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!


Thank you so much :smile: I’m really happy :slight_smile: and it works just fine.

I’m sorry for all the trouble and I will try that recommend function :blush: :heart:


My game stopped loading suddenly, and I found online that un- and re-installing would fix it. I thought id be fine since I had logged on to google play, but ended up losing all my progress anyway. Yikes :S

Previous ID: FC6$iF-A*
Current ID: FnHas-eV!

I really like this game, hope I can get back to playing.


Hi Tallbird,

I’ve transferred the old data to the new ID. Would you like to see if everything is OK on your side? Thank you!


Hi. I lost all my game data after the update a few months ago. I know I waited a very long time so I don’t know if you will be able to retrieve my data anymore. I don’t know what my ID was before, but the new one is: FnNqpEQpd


Hi Ohatsu,

I did find a related data using the ID there. Were you at LV 48 with 5 unlocked worlds and 110 unlocked plants before the incident? Could you confirm if this is the correct data? Thanks!


Yes! I was so frustrated when I lost everything because I got so far and I even bought an Amethyst Tree. If you can restore the data, will the tree still be there?


Hi Ohatsu,

The progress has been transferred. The Amethyst tree is also there. Please let me know if you have any issues accessing the data. Thanks!


Everything seems good so far. Thank you so much!!


i just joined and so far everything is working very well. thanks guys. can i ask you questions in case i would have some of them later? now i’ve gotta go cuz my wife gave me a viagra so will chime in later :smiley: anyhow, thanks for everything so far. i will come back!


Please feel free to ask us anything. :smiley:


Hi, I just got a new phone and it made me a new username and whatnot. Could you please restore my old account (OldThief3988) to my new username (Bübükittyfuq9516)? Thank you much!